Second Chance

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Jan 13, 2016 - Mar 25, 2016




Drama / Action




Jimmy - Rob KazinskyOtto - Adhir KalyanMary - Dilshad VadsariaDuval - Tim DeKayGracie - Ciara BravoAlexa - Vanessa Lengies

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A drama following a man brought back to life by a scientist trying to save his own life.

75-year-old Jimmy Pritchard is a drunk who was forced to resign as L.A. County Sheriff 15 years ago due to corrupt conduct. After he is killed while stumbling across a robbery, billionaire tech-genius twins Mary and Otto Goodwin bring him back to life.

Resurrected as a younger, stronger version of himself, a re-animated Jimmy now has another chance at life. The question is: will he embrace his second chance with a new sense of purpose or fall back into his old ways?

Comments (98)

Catherine E Figueroa
06/09/17 at 11:20pm

This is awful lost another viewer Fox
05/09/17 at 00:04am

I'm done with you Fox. I will never, EVER, start watching another series or any other show on your network. Good riddance.
03/26/17 at 09:10am

second chance :-(
02/23/17 at 09:01am

"FOX" WTF....
this show is one of the best shows I have ever seen....
try to reconsider??????
01/22/17 at 07:09pm

I don`t get it!? You are canceling a great show but you are keeping 2 Broke Girls and some other crap?! Common!!!
Gazman hull
07/11/16 at 12:55pm

Write spoiler at the top of ur post so u don't ruin it for everyone when u tell the ending of a show thanks curefreaky, I now know what's comin
Robert Harig
06/23/16 at 08:38am

Why do you take off a good show and leave garbage on the air
06/18/16 at 10:38pm

This one I agree with. When the show first started it was awesome. But the finale was so disappointing! Killing off her brother who was like doing everything in his power to try to help her and then his own sister turns running back stabs him that's messed up. You can really tell that the writers of this show really run ideas and really did not respect Their audience comma no matter how many times that one guy took his shirt off and didn't matter. So unfortunately I'm glad this one got cancelled because the next season would have been abysmal!!! Good riddance to bad rubbish.
06/18/16 at 12:07pm

PLEASE DON'T CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!! This show was brilliantly written. You can't help but root for Jimmy being given a "Second Chance". There were so many avenues this show could have taken...Gracie's change in attitude, Otto's return as the new Arthur, Jimmy being able to let his family know the truth, Resurrecting Conner, Mary and Jimmy's relationship... Many possibilities! I hope another network picks up the show and continues the storyline. FOX this isn't your first misstep and I am certain you will make others. What a shame this network doesn't recognize a great show! Guess Reality TV is cheaper to produce. SMH!
05/30/16 at 00:22am

This is why I HATE Fox: they show a couple of previews for an interesting show that will start in the near future...and then stop promoting. So, since no promotion, there are no viewers, the new show doesn't have the ratings...and the idiots at Fox cancel it. The did this with Firefly and a few other shows. The take good shows and let them languish, yet promote stupid reality shows. Now, they've cancelled my new favorite, Second Chance. Fox executives can go sit and spin!

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