Second Chance

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Jan 13, 2016 - Mar 25, 2016




Drama / Action




Jimmy - Rob KazinskyOtto - Adhir KalyanMary - Dilshad VadsariaDuval - Tim DeKayGracie - Ciara BravoAlexa - Vanessa Lengies

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A drama following a man brought back to life by a scientist trying to save his own life.

75-year-old Jimmy Pritchard is a drunk who was forced to resign as L.A. County Sheriff 15 years ago due to corrupt conduct. After he is killed while stumbling across a robbery, billionaire tech-genius twins Mary and Otto Goodwin bring him back to life.

Resurrected as a younger, stronger version of himself, a re-animated Jimmy now has another chance at life. The question is: will he embrace his second chance with a new sense of purpose or fall back into his old ways?

Comments (98)

05/29/16 at 09:10am

Another entertaining show bites the dust. Maybe some of the people making these bad decisions should bite the dust.
05/24/16 at 02:20pm

What is wrong with Fox?? This show isn't like other's great! Please reconsider
diana winkler
05/16/16 at 05:04pm

noooooooooo! love it live these shows alone!!!!
05/14/16 at 05:25am

Why??? Every show that I love that is not cookie cutter, or has a different concept is cancelled. lost this bet. This show had a chance to grow into something great here. Please listen to your viewers on this one. Give it a "Second Chance " no pun intended tended. Loved the show and characters. Maybe we can convince Netflix or another media outlet to revive it.
05/13/16 at 08:22pm

The first few episodes were sluggish as the show fought to find its dynamic and then become one of the best written increasingly in depth show on the air with an incredibly intense cliffhanger ending allowing a huge opportunity to deal with the many struggles laid out ahead and increasingly complex character interactions which set up an enormous range of possible story directions for next season and then in true form, the frequently retarded Fox network cancels the show. This in itself is a stupid move but added on top of the many repeated cancellations of great fantastic shows just when they start to get interesting over the past five years, this is the proverbial straw and I for one will boycott Fox entirely after this. Just finally reaching one cancellation to many in an endless sea of bad choices.
05/13/16 at 05:37pm

Second Chance is (was) a fantastic show. Fox should reconsider!
05/13/16 at 09:30am

This show was great until the last 2-3 episodes. It went so far off the rails, the story line was completely in disarray and there was no way to get it back on track.
05/10/16 at 08:53am

Love, who could resist a second at life
marart francisco
05/08/16 at 01:17pm

Keep the show every time I find a show to hold my interest bam they take I off and want you to watch some
stupid show that last on air forever. Keep second chances
thank you
05/04/16 at 00:30am

To the remark that this show was "contrived", all show are contrived ... they are the creations of someone's mind, some not nearly as talented as others, and to state that you want to see it go because it will make room for better shows? It is all a matter of perception. However, people who make such statements have a contrived life, one they try to live vicariously, according to their desires for what takes them out of their life and "entertains" them. Please be kind to those who really liked this show. Odds are, most of us would not like the shows preferred by someone who is so obviously status conscious.

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