The Detour

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Apr 11, 2016 - Aug 20, 2019








Nate - Jason JonesRobin - Natalie ZeaDelilah - Ashley GerasimovichJared - Liam CarrollVanessa - Daniella Pineda

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A comedy following a family's road trip that turns into the adventure from hell.

Nate and his wife Robin hit the road with their kids for a family vacation to Florida, but the planned fun takes a back seat when everything that can go wrong does.

On every leg of the trip a new disaster seems to be waiting around the corner. If there's trouble nearby, it's just a matter of time until this family finds it.

Comments (8)

04/19/20 at 10:43pm

The last season was kinda out there, but overall I really enjoyed this show.
What's This?
07/02/19 at 12:14pm

I loved the first season. Thought the second season was decent. Didn't love but didn't hate the third season. The fourth season though? Only two episodes in and I deleted it off my DVR. Terrible.
Freddy is my name
03/08/18 at 03:42pm

Loved this show! Then something happened. It started to blow. This season is terrible. It's just being crude without the humor. Not sure what happened but I've already tuned out.
Amanda is my name
02/21/18 at 12:05pm

This season sucks.
02/06/18 at 10:37am

Seriously unsure about this season. So far it hasn't been as funny as before. I'm hoping that doesn't mean it's losing steam already.
01/18/17 at 01:13pm

Finally got all caught up. This show is hilarious! Can't wait for next season.
06/17/16 at 00:18am

Awesome show! Love it!! So glad I came across a commercial for it while watching a different show. I had already missed the first 3 episodes but I just went and caught up on demand and so glad that I did!!!
05/30/16 at 03:53pm

Just binged on four episodes, of this very funny and crisp show. A true hidden gem. TBS made a wise move on the renewal.

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