To Tell The Truth

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Jun 14, 2016 - Present




Host - Anthony Anderson

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A 2016 prime time revival of the beloved game show.

Anthony Anderson hosts the return of this classic game show featuring fun characters from pop culture. Anderson presides over four famous faces and in each round they are presented with three people who all claim to be the same person with the same talent, job or achievement. One must tell the truth while the others make up a lie. The celebrity panel then grills each participant and each try to decide who is telling the truth.

Comments (6)

02/27/24 at 10:55am

When will the show be coming back.
My kids and I have been waiting.
Its Daddy/kids time
01/13/22 at 07:31pm


I think the reason for her not being there was because she was laying on her death bed. Remember, that she was rather sick towards the middle of Jan.
01/26/21 at 05:31am

Great show. I do find that the lack of audience does suck some of the fun out of the game shows, but still glad to see all these shows starting up again.
03/21/17 at 05:03pm

Betty White not in the second season? Cancel please.
01/29/17 at 05:35pm

Do they win anything?
01/01/17 at 10:38am

Where's Betty White for the shows starting in January

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