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Oct 02, 2016 - Aug 14, 2022




Drama / Sci-fi




Dr. Ford - Anthony HopkinsMan in Black - Ed HarrisDolores - Evan Rachel WoodTeddy - James MarsdenMaeve - Thandie NewtonBernard - Jeffrey WrightCharlotte - Tessa ThompsonTheresa - Sidse Babett KnudsenWilliam - Jimmi SimpsonHarlan - Rodrigo SantoroElsie - Shannon WoodwardLogan - Ben Barnes

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A sci-fi drama about a futuristic theme park that caters to every human desire.

This dark science fiction odyssey is set at the intersection of the near future and the re-imagined past, during the emergence of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin.

Westworld is a high-tech adult theme park where every human appetite can be indulged, regardless of how noble or depraved.

Comments (14)

04/17/20 at 08:53pm

Wow reading some of the old comments is hilarious. I guess the came up with a really good way to have a Season 3. Season 3 by far the best season. So much better than being stuck in that theme park. Makes it almost a completely different story with the same theme.
06/22/18 at 07:49pm

So glad they're doing a season 3! I hope there's not as much time in between seasons 2 and 3 as there was between 1 and 2 (almost a YEAR). I'm obsessed with this show, I don't think I can wait a year to see another episode, I'll have to start over and watch it all again.
06/15/18 at 09:35pm

I loved season 1, yes it started off slow but all the mystery behind everything was worth the wait... Season 2 is a bit hard for me to follow, I feel I'm very uninterested in what's happening I'll try and watch a few more episodes hopefully I'll began to care in what's going on.
06/04/18 at 03:49pm

KAMRAMNA...I have to agree with you on the convoluted part! It has been extremely complex and hard to follow. Especially the last episode. I don't see how they can have a Season 3 when they keep killing off all the players.
El Conquistador
05/20/18 at 06:51pm

wow.. season 2 is devolving into an emotional melodrama... where's the action? Where's the mystery???
04/24/18 at 11:40am

Can you spell "convoluted"?
michael dobey
07/24/17 at 05:49pm

great show. As good as the film it was based on the classic 'westworld' I was hoping they add 'romanworld' to the park or such. Season 2 is going to be great.
06/13/17 at 06:55pm

Great show.. kept me coming back for more
12/15/16 at 10:09am

WOW!!! This show is incredible. I could not wait for each episode. I was constantly trying to figure out what was really going on. Then (spoiler) I finally got it that what was being shown was not all necessarily happening chronologically...that we were being shown snippets from various times. Because the hosts do not age....you do not see that the story took place over decades and decades. Then it all made sense to me. Hope that does not spoil it for some of you. I cannot wait for season two...and so awesome that something HUGE to watch that is of same huge scope as Game Of Thrones.
12/09/16 at 09:56am

It did start out slow, but it had a lot of splaining to do, due to the back stories, letting you slowly find out what is happening without exposing what is really happening and getting you to think about what is consciousness. But, about half way through, just as I was thinking everything was just going to happen over and over, all of a sudden they switched it up, and surprise after exciting surprises, were thrown at me. I got so wrapped up in it, I had to watch it at the first airing, every week from then on, instead of waiting to watch it On Demand later. It is very deep and made me think about reality and what makes me think I'm in control of mine. I love shows that make me think about deep things that I don't think about much and take for granted, along with being very entertaining. I hope you all got past the slow part and made it to the reason it was worth getting through. I am very happy there will be a season two, because the end hints at promises of even more astounding tings to come.

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