The Good Fight

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Feb 19, 2017 - Nov 10, 2022




Drama / Legal




Diane - Christine BaranskiMaia - Rose LeslieBarbara - Erica TazelMarissa - Sarah SteeleLucca - Cush JumboAdrian - Delroy LindoColin - Justin Bartha

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A legal drama spun off from The Good Wife.

Lawyer Diane Lockhart has lost her savings after being affected by a wide-reaching financial scam, and rather than taking her planned retirement, is forced to re-enter the workforce to make ends meet.

Along with Lucca Quinn from her old firm, Diane joins one of Chicago's preeminent law firms that focuses on the fight against police brutality. There, she ends up working with her goddaughter Maia, who recently joined the firm after passing the bar.

Comments (12)

Dr Van Helsing
02/27/22 at 07:37pm

i love this crazy show
06/24/21 at 10:09am

i hate this crap show
Trump Supporter
11/02/20 at 11:54am

Love this show! Seriously! Helps me gain a better insight into the depraved minds of liberal Democrats....well, sort of!
06/29/20 at 10:58pm

Love the show and actors, esp Baranski - but could really do without the cartoony singing intermissions. This show could shine as a solid, gritty drama, but the goofiness makes it a bit of a caricature for me. I skip past those drawn scenes (and miss nothing), but I feel I only get a 30 minute show instead of a richer experience. I do hope they drop that aspect.
06/15/20 at 10:14am

I've just started on Season 4. Sorry to see R. Leslie go (Maia Rindell) but happy for her, personally, if she can spend more time with her real-life-husband, K. Harington (Jon Snow, GoT).
I found the anti-Trump agenda tiresome but important to Diane and Liz's outside secret activity.
So far, this S4's corporate troubles and Memo618 is also getting annoying to me. I may not return for S5, sorry.
Just Keith
04/09/20 at 06:40pm

Replace the G with an F...
Just Keith
04/09/20 at 06:40pm

I wonder if this will be the season where they lampoon anyone on the Left.
Probably not.
Why start now.
Pam Lincoln
03/03/20 at 06:53pm

We love this show but pay alot already for cable and netflix
Good Wife Fan (Male)
11/01/17 at 02:00pm

I don't subscribe to any cable, let alone Netflix. Looking forward to getting the first DVD in the mail after it's release.
05/08/17 at 09:14am

Already pay way too much for cable and Netflix... definitely not going to subscribe to anything else just to see this show. I was a huge Good Wife fan... and saw the 1st teaser episode of this but I'll just have to wait this this is available on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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