Good Girls

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Feb 26, 2018 - Jul 22, 2021




Drama / Comedy




Beth - Christina HendricksRuby - RettaAnnie - Mae WhitmanDean - Matthew LillardStan - Reno WilsonRio - Manny Montana

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A dramedy following three mothers who turn to crime to make ends meet.

Beth, Ruby, and Annie are three suburban moms who have had enough of barely getting by and trying to make ends meet. Wanting to change their fortunes, they get the idea to rob a local grocery store together.

But when the store manager gets a look at one of them and the stolen loot ends up being more than they expected, the three friends soon realize that their perfect getaway may not work out after all.

Comments (28)

08/02/21 at 01:08pm

Well crap!! There goes another good show
07/02/21 at 10:05pm

This show needed to end. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did tbh. There’s only so many times they can do a heist, get the money, lose the money, get threatened if they don’t find the money, do a bigger heist to get that money back. It was tedious and ridiculous.
07/02/21 at 05:56pm

WHY!? This was a great show! Please bring it back!
06/29/21 at 04:39pm

This sucks. A really good show that actually managed to keep the wokeness to a minimum.

Maybe that's why it was canceled?
Mrs D
06/28/21 at 00:21am

Why why cancel this great show, one of the best shows around. Keep cancelling good show and keep putting out crap reality shows!!
Merle Kalyn
06/26/21 at 07:12pm

Why is it that great shows like this one get cancelled and yet they keep crap shows like the kardashians around for 20 years???????
07/11/20 at 06:04pm

Love this show, love the story line and the actresses and actors that play in it. Keep them coming!
05/20/20 at 05:59pm

I was having a hard time sticking with this show as it just gets darker and darker, but the killing in episode 5 was just too much to justify. It jumped the shark for me.
01/09/20 at 09:51am

LOVE this show. Can't wait to see what happens next. Great actors playing great characters.
03/25/19 at 06:51pm

Fabulous, just fabulous! There is absolutely nothing to complain about with this show other than I wish it were on every single week! Love the actors, love the story line, love the whole show! Season 2 started out strong and I'm sure season 3 will be amazing as well! By far this is my most favorite show in air!

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