Mr Inbetween

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Sep 25, 2018 - Jul 13, 2021








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A drama following the life of a criminal-for-hire.

Ray Shoesmith is a divorced father with anger issues. He does his best to raise his daughter while having a personal life, all while working as a criminal-for-hire.

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Steve S.
12/08/21 at 08:55pm

Since I just finished this show (and made a comment on the "... end with season 3" page), I wanted to finally find more about it and its creator. I had only found snippets until I read this highly recommended piece:
John Napes
11/02/19 at 11:18pm

UPDATE: HA! Looks like we get at least 11 episodes this season. Awesome! Love this show! Hope we get many more seasons and more episodes.
10/17/19 at 06:20am

Agree with John Napes, we need more of this show. Just to good to have so little. I really hope it is pick up for Season 3 and we get more episodes!
John Napes
10/11/19 at 10:53pm

Love this show! Went from six thirty minute episodes in the first season to eight this season. Need at least thirteen episodes and a full hour would be even better. One of the best shows on TV.
09/12/19 at 07:39am

I've been waiting for the show all year. We were teased with just 6 short 30 min episodes. This is one of my favorite new shows out there. I'm stoked.
Christopher Pierce
12/04/18 at 08:58pm

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! So glad it got renewed. Would have liked to see a longer first season, but just happy its staying around

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