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New Amsterdam

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Sep 25, 2018 - Present




Drama / Medical


Dr. Goodwin - Ryan EggoldDr. Sharpe - Freema AgyemanDr. Bloom - Janet MontgomeryDr. Pearson - Jocko SimsDr. Kapoor - Anupam KherDr. Frome - Tyler Labine

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A medical drama following a doctor working to revitalize a once-great hospital.

Max Goodwin is a brilliant doctor who is the hospital's newest medical director. Wanting to disrupt the status quo, he sets out to bypass bureaucracy and focus on providing patients with exceptional care.

Dr. Goodwin will stop at nothing to revive this underfunded and understaffed institution, which is the world's only facility capable of treating Ebola patients, inmates from Rikers Island, and the president of the United States all under one roof.

Comments (45)

susan J Weersma
12/18/18 at 06:20pm

love it love it love it
Sussie Myers
12/10/18 at 05:30pm

I love the concept of “how can I help you” and thinking more about good patient care instead of the almighty dollar. The many issues regarding “walking around brown” etc are issues that happen in everyday life but I choose to take the high road on this show,! Looking forward to just enjoying people caring and trying to help one another instead of all the “drama.”
11/28/18 at 07:45pm

I hope Tom Keene shows up to put this show out of its misery. Awful
11/27/18 at 07:58pm

Love this show. I rarely watch TV, but I don't miss NewAm - love the idea of a medical community that works to use their education and research to help anyone who's sick. What a concept!
11/27/18 at 07:37pm

I agree with Peggy
11/24/18 at 09:44am

I have decided to not watch any show that tries to force a Liberal viewpoint down my throat. When Hollywood decides to stop it, then maybe I'll start watching. I turn on a sitcom or drama or movie because I want entertainment. I will continue to get my news from a news channel and newspaper and then use my own brain to form an independent opinion on an issue. I don't believe something just because Hollywood tells me that's what I must believe or I'm a bigot, a racist, or mysogynist. Maybe all the new shows this year are in the toilet for a reason.
11/18/18 at 05:27pm

I DVR'd this show and let several episodes build up. I watched the first two episodes and they were pretty good. Tonight I decided to watch a few more. I deleted the rest of the series half way through the fifth episode. The ongoing commentary on gun violence, "bad" police shootings, health care, and the "dangers of walking around with brown skin" completely turned me off. If I wanted an ongoing stream of liberal ideas shoved down my throat I would watch the cable news channels or late night TV.
11/05/18 at 07:31am

I really like this show BUT... I can’t deal with the gross factor of all the surgeries. Yes I get that it’s a medical show but I don’t NEED or more to the point, WANT to see someone’s heart (or whatever) being operated on. I want to watch this show because I enjoy the characters and their stories but I can’t deal with all the blood spurting. Focus on the characters and not how “real” you can make a surgery look and I’ll keep watching, until then I’m out.
10/30/18 at 08:20am

Watched a few. Gave up on it. If I want a steady diet of someones ideology on a host of social issues, I'll watch cable news.
Mark D
10/10/18 at 08:51am


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