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Oct 06, 2019 - Present


The CW


Drama / Action


Batwoman - Javicia LeslieSophie - Meagan TandyLuke - Camrus JohnsonMary - Nicole KangAlice - Rachel SkarstenJacob - Dougray ScottCatherine - Elizabeth AnweisKate - Ruby Rose

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A superhero drama following the titular crime fighter and her alter ego Kate Kane.

In the years since Batman mysteriously disappeared from Gotham, the city has fallen into despair, left guarded only by the private security provided by Jacob Kane.

When the Alice in Wonderland gang targets the operation, Jacob's daughter Kate returns home to help her city, becoming the dark knight vigilante known as Batwoman.

With help from her stepsister Mary and the crafty Luke Fox, Kate Kane fights for social justice while honoring the legacy of her cousin Bruce Wayne.

Comments (25)

05/23/21 at 11:36am

The show now is just about hatred towards law enforcement.
Hue Jass
05/05/21 at 02:26pm

Main Character leaves show, CW say we are not replacing her. Season 2 story line, everyone looking for someone that's not coming back. 75% through the season the show comes to terms with her being gone, CW oh wait we recast the Kate character, but se had surgery so to not look the same. Lazy writers, poor stories, no development, the main villain Alice is over used more then a kids favorite blanket. If it makes it half way into S3 I'll be amazed.
05/03/21 at 03:33pm

This show is garbage; where are the petitions to cancel shows.
04/10/21 at 10:37pm

The show is not good at all, to top it off, the main character leaves after season 1 and her replacement is "Another Lesbian'"I have nothing against the new culture, the new trend, the new way people are taken sexuality, I guess that's evolution one way or another, but nowadays every single show has to have a gay guy, or 10, a lesbian woman or 10, a trans... Come on, is that completely necessary??? the plots won't work or people are not going to watch the shows if there are any of the previously mentioned?
02/22/21 at 09:54am

I can handle to Lesbians but not the way this show is/was putting it out there! Hope this show gets canceled!
01/18/21 at 05:05pm

Today's headline -- "Javicia Leslie’s ‘Batwoman’ Debut Plummets 80% in Ratings From Ruby Rose’s"

HAHAHA - this show is done right out the gate. They ruined yet another DC show with SJW bullshit and the people didn't take the bait this time around.

Good Riddance!
01/17/21 at 11:51pm

Ruby Rose has terrible acting and made the series even worse. Her body doesnt fit for this kind of super hero thing! Cant fight and became batwoman? Really who chose this woman?
07/08/20 at 02:51pm

I enjoyed the show and the actors. This was for entertainment only, not to give justice to anyone or make it a complex program. Remember, it was based on a comic book. I'll miss the main character, but truly understand if she wanted or felt the need to step aside from this show.
05/31/20 at 05:43pm

I liked Ruby Rose, sorry she's leaving. But the story line with crazy Alice dragged everything down. Boring!!! Enough with Alice!!!
05/21/20 at 12:57pm

So I bet Ruby Rose quitting was a mutual agreement by all. She's effing horrible. Personally I don't think Batwoman was a good idea anyway, but it looks like CW is phasing everything to female leads now. Stargirl is just a teen edition to the female phase. So expect to see Jefferson get killed on BL and the Flash is probably ending next season.

I mean the show is already slated to return. So this to me seems like a huge favor. Now you can cast someone who is good and maybe just have her be straight, but not in any type of relationship or at least not right from the first episode.

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