Tacoma FD

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Mar 28, 2019 - Oct 05, 2023








Terry - Kevin HeffernanEddie - Steve LemmeGranville - Marcus HendersonAndy - Eugene CorderoIke - Gabriel HoganLucy - Hassie Harrison

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A comedy following the shenanigans at a firehouse in one of the rainiest cities in America.

The city of Tacoma, Washington is not short on rain, so with few fires to tend to, the crew of this firehall in the wet pacific northwest must find ways to entertain themselves. Whether its crazy competitions, first-responder rivalries, or the random weird emergency call, they are never short on shenanigans.

Comments (10)

04/29/24 at 06:31am

Seriously!! What is wrong with these networks.
Bring this show back!
04/17/24 at 09:48am

This was a truly funny and original show. Just good light-hearted fun. I know I missed a lot of episodes because the network made it impossible to keep up with when and where it was showing. This would have had a better following had you had it in a consistent time slot. Someone please pick up the show and give it a secure home
01/03/24 at 07:53pm

Omg! I love this show ! I need more! I just finished watching the show for the 3rd time and I'm still laughing as hard as I did the first time! Please keep going we need many more seasons
11/30/23 at 09:30pm

Yes, please renew for season 5 forward! Show is hysterical!
10/07/23 at 07:19pm

Let's go for Season 5! One of my favorite shows. Now that the writers strike is resolved let's get the SAG/AFTRA deal done and get this show back on track.
07/28/22 at 03:58am

Can't wait for season 4 great show
09/16/21 at 05:16pm

Finally! Love this show. So glad to see it finally back in action! And @Renee, the mustaches are awesome!
Murray Foster
05/09/20 at 10:16am

Great show. Laughs every episode.
Jo Anna
05/05/19 at 06:16pm

Fantastic TV translation of these guys. Love it.
04/06/19 at 09:30am

Another fail. And what is up with the mustaches? Big time miss

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