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Drama / Action


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A drama following a martial arts prodigy who gets caught up in San Francisco's Chinatown Tong wars.

Ah Sahm is a young martial arts prodigy in the 1870s who immigrates to San Francisco from China under mysterious circumstances after the Civil War. Once there, he becomes a hatchet man for one of Chinatown's most powerful and feared organized crime families.

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09/01/23 at 07:15pm

Thank you "me" 8/18/23. It was Dustin Nguyen, formerly 21 Jump Street. I watched S3Ep10 over tonight. It sure looks as if all the characters have wrapped up their roles in case there's no S4, which is fine if there isn't.
08/22/23 at 02:49pm

Chao was killed (hopefully not) by the dude they had jailed in an earlier episode.
08/18/23 at 09:01pm

Who killed (assuming he died) Chao?: the 21 jump street guy who joined ah sahm's sister's tong.
08/17/23 at 12:59pm

8/17/23. I've just watched the S3Ep10 season finale, or is it the series finale? I'm good either way whether it'll be to cancel or renew.
Spoiler. Who killed (assuming he died) Chao?
Most of this episode was occurred and was filmed to be at night; much was difficult to see.
04/09/23 at 12:53pm

It's now 4/9/23 and, at least, I see the season 3 episode titles on imdb.com, but no expected dates or the year as to when they may air.
06/11/21 at 08:12am

It's now mid-June '21; is there any word on when S3Ep1 will be made and broadcast?
02/24/21 at 01:38pm

We need a season 3! HBO MAX needs to keep this alive.
01/16/20 at 12:45pm

Now Cinemax is announcing the ceasing of original shows. I believe Season 2 is already done filming, but any hope for a Season 3 will need shopping for a new network.

I liked the Cinemax shows Strike Back, Jett, and Warrior, but I'm unwilling to pay additional monies to stream Cinemax after already subscribing to both Xfinity (aka Comcast) and AT&T/DirecTV; I almost forgot I'm also paying for AmazonPrime seen through either a smart TV or Apple TV.

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