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May 17, 2020 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Layton - Daveed DiggsMelanie - Jennifer ConnellyBess - Mickey SumnerLJ - Annalise BassoPixi - Sasha FrolovaLilah - Alison WrightFergus - Benjamin HaighAvi - Roberto UrbinaJosie - Katie McGuinnessJinju - Susan ParkSayori - Lena HallZarah - Sheila VandOz - Sam OttoBennett - Iddo GoldbergMiles - Jaylin FletcherAlexandra - Rowan BlanchardPike - Steven Ogg

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A dystopian drama following a perpetually-moving train that holds the remnants of humanity.

Seven years ago the world became a frozen wasteland. Now the only surviving remnants of humanity inhabit a 1001 car - a perpetually-moving train that circles the earth. Within this new society, class warfare, social injustice, and the politics of survival are all in play.

Adapted from the film and graphic novel series of the same name.

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08/30/21 at 03:58pm

Chris Evans was in the great movie. Not Arnold. I enjoy this series , it is based on a good comic book series of the same name. The show is great it is getting two more seasons , three and four. Tnt did the last ship , and that great sci Fi show for at least five. So this is good news.
03/22/21 at 01:47pm

I enjoyed the movie a lot and this series too.
01/26/21 at 08:42am

I half-paid-attention to S2Ep1 after watching the entire S1. I really just wanted to see if Jennifer Connelly made it back onto the train from the cold and if she were to meet up with her daughter.

I saw this series was even already renewed for S3. Congratulations and best wishes to all involved.

I've discontinued recording any further episodes at this time. It's just not for me. Sorry.
01/10/21 at 04:40pm

I didn't like the movie, but with nothing much else on, my wife asked to start this series. I'm playing S1Ep1 as I type. I suppose I'm still burned out from BattleStar Gallactica's 2nd version for an alternate view on society, class struggle, have & have nots, etc.
I've generally liked Jennifer Connolly, so I'll possibly get back with another comment if I can watch a few more episodes or the entire Season 1.
Dirk VH
11/14/20 at 12:31pm

Gripping. Suspenseful. Good acting. Nice story to unfold. What more do you need to binge? And in 2 months it starts up again?
Now leave me, I have to see the last episode!
07/13/20 at 06:08pm

The movie was amazing and so is the show. I love this idea of a prequel and am enjoying every minute of this show.
06/08/20 at 08:02am

Steve - Arnold Schwarzenegger was not in the movie and also dystopian films are not supposed to be funny.
05/24/20 at 07:08pm

This should have stayed a movie. 1/5 Stars. Gave up on the 2nd episode. Happy viewing!
05/18/20 at 05:29pm

Gotta say, I'm hooked. The movie was horrid and I said one and done, but then saw that Daveed Diggs was in this and I wanted to watch. Great character actor cast, too. I liked the first episode. I think they tried to cram too much into it rather than build up to the premise. It was already 6-1/2 years in! But I'll give it a chance -- I'm a big sci-fi futuristic buff, so I like the concept. Saw that it was already booked through 2021 with 2 seasons being filmed. So they must have a lot of faith in it
Steve S.
05/17/20 at 08:02pm

I’m desperate for a TV series to watch but I’m not even going to watch one episode. Dystopian I can really like but there is too much of it and it usually comes off as unrealistic or unfunny or uninteresting. Come on man - a train circling the earth. Alison Wright who played Martha brilliantly in The Americans is in it. Arnold Swartznagger was in the movie but I must not have seen it. As best this idea could be enough for a movie, not a series.

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