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Sep 20, 2021 - Present




Drama / Crime


Jane - Vanessa LacheyLucy - Yasmine Al-BustamiErnie - Jason AntoonJesse - Noah MillsKate - Tori Anderson

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A spin-off of NCIS set on the shores of Hawai'i.

Special Agent Jane Tennant is the first female in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor. She and her skilled team of mainland transplants and knowledgeable locals focus on investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security, and the mysteries of the island itself.

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05/22/23 at 11:17pm

All NCIS SHOWS ARE GREAT! Check the other channels, very little shows that stimulate the mind. Love the crossovers! I do miss Mark Harmon
05/22/23 at 11:14pm

Hello I read an few lines that said Sam Hana or LL Cool J May show up on the show! No thanks No Way No How Didn't Care for him on NCIS LA No Thanks
04/29/23 at 01:14am

Bob it's been renewed for a third season. There's an article just above, under the 'Related News' section.
04/28/23 at 05:29pm

Has NCIS Hawaii been cancelled ? It's been a while.
Just Keith
02/13/23 at 09:05am

NCIS: Hawai'i
A show about a lesbian relationship against the backdrop of the occasional crime.
James T Kirk
02/04/23 at 01:01am

@Joe Kurtz Because "lesbianism" is a part of Life you homophobic Bigot
12/21/21 at 02:17am

NCIS has run its course, they need to kill the shows before they loose their entire audience. If they take it too far it will not do well in syndication.
Sandra Yeomans
12/03/21 at 07:54pm

The show us gaining momentum. Every show's first season is a little rough and can have growing pains. This one is starting to gel for me. Not bailing anytime soon!
11/14/21 at 01:31pm

Need to revamp this show take some of the players from somewhere else these people dont mesh
Joe Kurtz
09/24/21 at 02:45pm

Why do they have to throw lesbianism in our faces?

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