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Sep 20, 2021 - May 06, 2024




Drama / Crime




Jane - Vanessa LacheyLucy - Yasmine Al-BustamiErnie - Jason AntoonJesse - Noah MillsKate - Tori Anderson

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A spin-off of NCIS set on the shores of Hawai'i.

Special Agent Jane Tennant is the first female in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor. She and her skilled team of mainland transplants and knowledgeable locals focus on investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security, and the mysteries of the island itself.

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Caren kozlowsky
05/16/24 at 04:51pm

Please tell me your management wasn’t on drugs when they canceled ncis Hawaii. You finally have a show with a strong female lead that shows leadership, strength and compassion as she combines family and work. Bring the show back.
05/16/24 at 09:20am

NCIS Hawaii is an amazing show with a great cast, combined with actually being in Hawaii! We watch every week and tape when not home, so we were so disappointed to hear about CBS's decision. PLEASE PLEASE reverse your plan and keep the show going for 2024/2025!
05/13/24 at 05:24pm

Thank you CBS for canceling this show. Well your team of nuts wouldn’t know a popular show if it hit them square in the face.
NCIS:Hawaii was really hitting its stride when you idiots decided to cancel it. If your advertising team knew how to work without kissing up to management maybe just maybe the ratings would have been higher. You used L.L. CoolJ in season three. Unfortunately no one knew he was going to be on the show. We loved LA, NOLA and Hawaii. What else will CBS (that’s Central BS) cancel. Well thanks for nothing again.
05/12/24 at 06:44pm

This is such a great show with wonderful characters Please reconsider decision to cancel. I love this show.
05/12/24 at 09:59am

How does CBS cancel a show with a 4.4 viewer rating? Just goes to show you that Hollywood could not care less about what viewers want to see. What, not preachy or woke enough for you, CBS?
Joe Blow
05/10/24 at 06:55pm

I was employed on NCIS HAWAII. It was my livelihood. How do you spend 75 milion on 10 episodes !?! From the end of season 2 til the end of season 3. With our Hawaii tax credits you should have only been 29 to 22 million depending on some actors living arrangements. You killed the show because overspending during hiatus , writer strike and writers strike ?!?
Lynda P
05/09/24 at 08:30am

A strong female lead with a tender side is refreshing. I enjoyed the whole cast as well. The addition of Sam Hanna didn't have a flow to the show.
When celebrating Asian Pacific this month and cancelling NCIS Hawaii is a slap across the face. Amy, the CBS executive cancelling the program got it wrong. Play the race card? Heck ya, if the show is brought back!
05/08/24 at 07:04pm

Please don’t cancel NCIS Hawaii. Love the show
05/07/24 at 07:23pm

I am sick that you have canceled NCIS Hawaii!! Please reconsider your decision and keep it.
Margie Drew
05/07/24 at 06:39pm

Please do not cancel NCIS Hawaii. I love all the NCIS shows and this is one of the best. I was so sad to see New Orleans and LA cancelled. I hate the thought of loosing another one

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