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Apr 08, 2021 - Jun 10, 2021








Annie - Katey SagalGrady - John CorbettBenji - James LesureCassidy - Lex Scott DavisLana - Tamala JonesZiggie - Ariela BarerNate - Kevin ZegersLuke - Sam PalladioCruz - Andy Garcia

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A drama inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich today.

Annie 'Rebel' Bello is a legal advocate working without a law degree. She's brilliant, messy, and fearless - and cares deeply about the causes she believes in and the people she loves. When Rebel dedicates herself to a fight she believes in, she makes it her mission to win at almost any cost.

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deana anderson
05/20/21 at 04:17pm

I am so disappointed in abc I dont watch a lot of tv because everything on it is not appealing. The one show I enjoy y'all cancelled. I cant believe yall made such a crazy decision. I guess I go back to watching disney.
judy jones
05/19/21 at 01:24pm

All ABC seems to do lately, is put on Reality Shows. No wonder people flock to Netflix, Hulu etc,
judy jones
05/19/21 at 01:18pm

Great show. Really enjoyed it. Shame that so many shows are cancelled, probably for low ratings. What they don't seem to realize is that a lot of people have Netflix or Amazon prime. So to base the cancellations on rating doesn't fly anymore.
05/18/21 at 11:10pm

I can’t believe this show is cancelled so fast. It has a great cast and a great story line. I guess they will some crappy reality show. No wonder everyone is watching Netflix.
05/17/21 at 05:39am

I am soooo disappointed that Rebel hasn’t been renewed. Great cast, good writing, interesting story line and characters. I can’t understand that Rebel got axed and the Equalizer got renewed.
Linda Yeo
05/16/21 at 09:43am

Typical of these networks not to give good shows a chance...let's bring on ANOTHER CRAPPY reality show why dont we...I dont know which network is worse ABC or CBS...going to quit watching both.
Betty Symank
05/15/21 at 11:41pm

I’m so upset about “Rebel.” This is such a good show and all the characters are so believable. Katey Sagal is awesome and Andy Garcia is the bomb! There are some other top-notch actors in this program like Mary McDonnell, John Corbett, Tamala Jones, Adam Arkin, Sharon Lawrence, James Lesure, Matthew Glave; all whom I’m familiar with. Please don’t cancel it! Please reconsider!! I watched every episode but just not live every time. I recorded it on both of my DVR‘s to make sure that I didn’t miss an episode since sometimes one DVR doesn’t work. You’ve got to give it a chance. They’re doing good work on this program. Please please please save Rebel and cancel The Connors instead.
05/15/21 at 06:36pm

Please don't cancel this show. It is so unique. All the other shows are medical or crime or reality shows. This was a breath of fresh air and has such a great cast! What a bummer!
05/15/21 at 00:19am

I watch two episodes. Luv Katey- hated the show however I didn’t believe it would be canceled this soon.
05/14/21 at 11:45pm

This show is amazing and you that think she’s dressing too provocative are nuts! This is a very powerful show and deserves to stay on the air!

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