Resident Alien

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Jan 27, 2021 - Present




Drama / Comedy


Harry - Alan TudykLiv - Elizabeth BowenBen - Levi FiehlerKate - Meredith GarretsonMike - Corey ReynoldsAsta - Sara TomkoD'arcy - Alice Wetterlund

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A dramedy following an alien who crash-lands on Earth and masquerades as a small-town doctor.

Harry is an alien that has crash landed on Earth with a mission to kill all humans. He decides to pass himself off as a small-town doctor to mix in among the people, living a typical life.

Things get tricky, though, when he gets pulled into solving a local murder and realizes he needs to assimilate further into his new surroundings. As he does this, Harry starts to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his mission and begins wondering if humans might be worth saving.

Based on the Dark Horse comic.

Comments (20)

Jackie L Roberts
03/02/21 at 05:29pm

I LOVE LOVE this show...hightlite of my week..keep it going!!❤❤❤
Cutie Pie
02/14/21 at 07:33pm

This show may not be appropriate for newly dating couples. I laughed so hard during episode 2 that I snorted which I never wanted my boyfriend to hear but my snorting made him laugh even harder which caused him to fart so loud that it scared my dog. We both got really embarrassed but when we finally made eye contact again we both burst out laughing again causing me to snort again which made him fart
02/14/21 at 04:50pm

I'm on episode two and I'm still laughing. I love the dark humor!
02/12/21 at 06:35pm

This is my favorite new show!!!
This is one of the funniest new shows I have seen since "The Office" ended. I rarely ever laugh at anything on TV but find myself laughing out loud a few times each episode. Please watch this. You wont be disappointed.
02/09/21 at 09:23pm

If you're a fan of Mel Brooks or Police Squad (old TV series & subsequent movies), you're smart enough to understand and appreciate this show. I can't wait for episode three. I gave up drinking almond milk -- don't want to risk it.
02/07/21 at 07:44am

We like the premise of the show and, while science fiction isn't strong within the show, there are enough elements to classify it, in our opinion, as science fiction. There are quite a few threads going on but it's not hard to follow.
02/01/21 at 03:30am

I enjoyed the first episode. Alan Tudyk is always great and I like the premise. Some of the reviews say there are too many story lines and it can get dis-jointed. Hopefully SyFy gives it time to sort itself out.
David Yuhnke
01/27/21 at 01:21pm

Steve I see your review of the Preview process and the commercials, and your reaction to them, but I was wondering where the show review was? I kind of like those as to help determine whether I am going to waste my time. I guess I am in for at least one episode
Steve S.
01/27/21 at 05:33am

It’s a hokey comedy billed as sci-fi. A fraud. Shouldn’t be on the syfy channel. I was esctatic because there’s finally somethiing new on. I go to and try to see a preview but I got pounded with commercials. BS about the peacock network goes on and on. All I saw was crap. Fu peacock and syfy. Resident alien can go to hell. Garbage.
12/23/20 at 06:28am

Can't wait! Love Alan Tudyk.

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