Resident Alien

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Jan 27, 2021 - Present


Drama / Comedy


Harry - Alan TudykLiv - Elizabeth BowenBen - Levi FiehlerKate - Meredith GarretsonMike - Corey ReynoldsAsta - Sara TomkoD'arcy - Alice Wetterlund

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A dramedy following an alien who crash-lands on Earth and masquerades as a small-town doctor.

Harry is an alien that has crash landed on Earth with a mission to kill all humans. He decides to pass himself off as a small-town doctor to mix in among the people, living a typical life.

Things get tricky, though, when he gets pulled into solving a local murder and realizes he needs to assimilate further into his new surroundings. As he does this, Harry starts to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his mission and begins wondering if humans might be worth saving.

Based on the Dark Horse comic.

Comments (26)

04/06/24 at 04:01pm

OMG -- they better renew this! That was the WORST cliffhanger ever. Talk about loose ends.....apparently it was supposed to be 12 episodes but was cut to 8 because of the strikes. And it is beyond obvious that they didn't mean to end it this way.
01/17/24 at 06:44am

Resident Alien Season 3 premieres on SYFY on Wednesday, February 14
01/16/24 at 08:33am

Absolutely great show.
03/29/22 at 02:46pm

This is the best comedy for the second year. Alan Tudyk plays the perfect amount of quirkyness to make this show work. All it needs is a larger audience and some faith from Syfy for it to achieve multi-year greatness. Splitting the second season into two segments plus simultaneously broadcasting the premiers on USA Network should result in more exposure.
03/04/22 at 04:59pm

LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Excellent. My new fav that I look forward to seeing every week. I hope it stays on for years to come. Alan Tudyk is perfect in this role. He is hilarious!
02/04/22 at 09:12pm

I love this show. Syfy please don’t cancel it early like you always do your best shows.
10/20/21 at 06:33pm

Really like this show.
05/14/21 at 09:42pm

❤️♥️♥️❤️ love this show. Different- hilarious - quirky
Alan Tudyk Does a fantastic job. He is perfectly cast !
It’s the few shows that actually make me laugh out loud.
05/01/21 at 01:49pm

LOVE! absolutely in love! Quirky and funny! so refreshingly different!
04/12/21 at 08:03am

Hilarious show, please keep it going.

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