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Feb 23, 2021 - Present


The CW




Clark / Superman - Tyler HoechlinLois - Elizabeth TullochJonathan - Jordan ElsassJordan - Alexander GarfinSamuel - Dylan WalshLana - Emmanuelle ChriquiKyle - Erik ValdezSarah - Inde Navarrette

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A drama following the comic book duo facing the complexities of being modern working parents.

After spending years fighting supervillains and alien invaders, the Man of Steel, aka Clark Kent, and Lois Lane are now dealing with one of their greatest challenges: being working parents in today's society and wondering whether their sons could inherit their father's Kryptonian superpowers.

Returning to Smallville to handle some family business, Clark and Lois become reacquainted with Lana Lang, who is now married. Also, Lois' father is looking for Superman to take down a villain or save the day at a moment's notice.

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06/23/23 at 12:33pm

The cancer story line was lame. She gets chemo and her hair never falls out! I was hoping she would wake up and there be a better actress taking her place! And how can Clark Kent have a light beard and still have it at Superman and no one notices it. I will wait and see how this season ends before I decide if it comes off my list.
06/20/23 at 06:02pm

I really like this show but was it necessary to give Lois cancer. People with cancer watch these shows to get away from their health worries, We don’t want to relive it thru Supermans eyes. Go back to the comic book stories and fighting bad guys.
03/05/23 at 12:33pm

Weak writing. Anti-superman was really a poor plot with lousy dialog.

Superman needs a shave and a brighter costume.

The US military is a stupid addition to the plot.

All in all, one of the weakest programs on the CW.

They canceled Stargirl and it was a much better show.
01/26/23 at 08:20am

I agree with Love_Texas about Elizabeth Tulloch aka Lois Lane. She looks way older than Superman. I absolutely can't stand either of the spoiled brat kids. If I acted that way towards my parents I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week.
02/24/22 at 03:05pm

I love this show. It definitely reminds me of the original movies. A true Superman fan knows Superman 1 & 2 were the best and Superman and Lois was always supposed to be together. The storyline is fantastic. They really have done well with this down to Lois wearing similar clothes as she did in the first movie and having that tough but emotional side too and Clark having that soft and funny side and Superman being... well super!
Steve S.
01/11/22 at 08:09am

Free channels with their gimmicky forced commercials are worse than pay-for services however difficult that is. CW is clap wrap.
08/11/21 at 11:45am

Elizabeth Tulloch looks great. I'd not heard/seen her before. Emmanuelle Chriqui is also very attractive (who I have heard/seen before).

I'll likely drop this series from my recording list due to my lack of interest. This is the last CWtv series from my recording list to go. I suppose CWtv is just marketed to someone other than me.

I really didn't like the General's character (Lois' father). I just found him immensely annoying.

Good luck to the cast & crew and hope they have many years/seasons to come. It's just not for me.
03/28/21 at 00:47am

This shows is great! I really am enjoying the storyline and like that superman has a family with kids. I hope this show has a lot of success!
03/20/21 at 06:26pm

Hasn't Superman been killed by Kryptonite, or died of old age yet.

I'm 70 and he was around before me :)
02/28/21 at 05:34pm

Not to be ageist but Elizabeth Tulloch looks so old. The best Lois we've had was Teri Hatcher.

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