The Equalizer

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Feb 07, 2021 - Present




Drama / Crime


Robyn - Queen LatifahWilliam - Chris NothMarcus - Tory KittlesFrieda - Lorraine ToussaintMelody - Liza LapiraHarry - Adam Goldberg

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A drama following an enigmatic woman who uses her unique skills to help those in need.

Robyn McCall is an enigmatic single mother with a mysterious background. She utilizes her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn. Known as The Equalizer to a trusted few, she is an anonymous guardian angel and defender of the downtrodden, who will stop at nothing in her pursuit of personal redemption.

Comments (23)

05/17/21 at 05:37am

This has to be the WORST show on CBS. Actually on all broadcast TV. How this is renewed and Rebel is cancels befuddles me.
05/13/21 at 02:49am

Need night vision glasses to watch,it's like listening to the radio. Not just this show..
05/01/21 at 01:47pm

I like this show. It's entertaining...she needs to stop saying "I am the person you call when you cant call the police" ...we get it.
Other than that I like it, I like her. Worth watching!
03/28/21 at 06:16pm

Gene, you are wrong. The show has been renewed. What else are you wrong about, hmmm ???
03/28/21 at 08:40am

Omg this show sucks. The least she could do would be to get in some sort of shape. My pet turtle could run faster than her! Next she will be the new Rambo in a reboot
03/02/21 at 01:18pm

Im quite enjoying the show, I am a Queen Latifah fan, she brings a different side to the character. I didn't like the original, so I was going to skip it until I saw the previews.
David Wood
02/16/21 at 05:55am

The Super Bowl timing ruined the premiere for me, but sadly the 2nd episode's plot, characters and dialogue were one giant cliche.
Which still might have worked except the Queen and her stilted delivery couldn't believably pull it off as a super agent.
It's like John Goodman (plump or thin version) trying to play James Bond.
02/13/21 at 05:50pm

Man can she ride that motorcycle almost as fast I she runs. Woohoo
02/11/21 at 04:14am

I gotta say, I had high hopes for this show until I actually watched it. Queen Latifa is not the right fit for this show. I don't think she can act myself but aside from that, she is not able to pull off the persona she is supposed to be. She could at least of had some training before hand as she can't handle a weapon and you can see she is not comfortable with it. The camera angles are all obvious so you can't see that she actually can't fight or pull off the moves like she is supposed to. This maybe due to her size or fitness or just complete lack of training.
It might get better as she improves in the role but I just think, after the success of the original series and then 2 good films, this had a good pedigree and is letting it down. I would like to have seen more of an action type person get the lead. Danai Gurira would have been a better fit IMHO.
02/10/21 at 11:37pm

I really enjoyed the first episode of this show ! I hope it stays on !

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