The Equalizer

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Feb 07, 2021 - Present




Drama / Crime


Robyn - Queen LatifahWilliam - Chris NothMarcus - Tory KittlesFrieda - Lorraine ToussaintMelody - Liza LapiraHarry - Adam Goldberg

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A drama following an enigmatic woman who uses her unique skills to help those in need.

Robyn McCall is an enigmatic single mother with a mysterious background. She utilizes her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn. Known as The Equalizer to a trusted few, she is an anonymous guardian angel and defender of the downtrodden, who will stop at nothing in her pursuit of personal redemption.

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Mamma R Jackson
12/14/23 at 10:12pm

Waiting patiently for season 4.
Just Keith
05/08/23 at 07:25am

Watched all 3 seasons.
Could you get more woke? Probably not, but there's no cross-dressers yet.
EVERY black is innocent, down-trodden, and a victim of the System or Whites. EVERY one.
If a White person shows up in the show... obviously they're the guilty ones.
And finally, completely in the can for ILLEGALS.
The only episode I could respect is the one where the wife was being physically abused.
03/11/23 at 06:33pm

Jason, Thats the purpose of the show! Woke garbage. But you dont dare say anything or they(The BiG they) will start calling you a racist or white supremacist. Less than 13 percent of the population forcing the 87% to watch crap because the tv execs are too afraid to buck them.
04/18/22 at 06:56pm

Go Queen. Will we get a season 3?
Pam Lincoln
04/11/22 at 10:22am

We love this show! They have the right person for each character!! Great job
03/30/22 at 06:27pm

Grew up watching the original. If they can find a way to stop forcing race politics into almost every episode, I would enjoy it more.
03/22/22 at 08:49am

I'm so enjoying this show. I believe the casting is on point. The only character that ,in my opinion, needs to be "spiced up" a bit is that of Detective Dante because they're writing him in a bit "bland". I used to watch the original Equilizer until it was canceled and loved it, and when I read they were bringing it back and with the main character being a woman of color that's also a mother, and we get to see fractions of her family life, I was ecstatic. Great work team Equalizer!!!
05/17/21 at 05:37am

This has to be the WORST show on CBS. Actually on all broadcast TV. How this is renewed and Rebel is cancels befuddles me.
05/13/21 at 02:49am

Need night vision glasses to watch,it's like listening to the radio. Not just this show..
05/01/21 at 01:47pm

I like this show. It's entertaining...she needs to stop saying "I am the person you call when you cant call the police" ...we get it.
Other than that I like it, I like her. Worth watching!

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