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Oct 07, 2022 - Present






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A drama about a young convict who joins a firefighting program seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence.

Bode Donovan is a young convict looking for redemption and a shortened prison sentence, so he joins a firefighting program that brings him back to his small hometown in Northern California where he and other inmates work alongside elite firefighters to extinguish huge blazes across the region.

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01/22/24 at 01:12am

Another good Friday night show and unique.
06/22/23 at 12:12pm

Held off watching this until my daughter got home from college and then binge watched it. We loved this show minus how horribly the writers screwed the season finale up. If this character Bode is that stupid, well he deserves to be in prison. Give me a break. They could have gone a handful of different ways here, but instead to this dumbfk, stupidest person alive route that insults us all. Idk if it's even worth watching season 2. If it gets a 2nd season.
05/22/23 at 06:19am

I love this show, but I agree with Darin on the terrible season finale cliffhanger. Really???? The only saving Grace would be if Bodi was working undercover to take down Sleeper.
05/20/23 at 08:57am

A show with so much potential, that fails miserably. Season finale was horrible. Awful cliff hanger. He accepts blame for something he didn't do because of one persons belief he did. Go ahead, move it to Paramount. I'm done!
02/10/23 at 08:15pm

I can’t believe Max Thieriot gave up seal team for this.
Charlotte E.
01/30/23 at 05:50am

This is one of BEST shows that I have ever watched and keeps me me spellbound. I certainly hope CBC knows what they have in this series and it is renewed for at least the next 5 years. I am an older watcher and think it is GREAT!
Juicy Lucy
01/04/23 at 06:12pm

This is a really good show. I hope it gets renewed.
12/22/22 at 08:00pm

I hope CBS doesn’t move the show to Paramount. I hate it when they do that. I spend enough on TV, not going to buy more subscriptions.
11/05/22 at 07:28pm

Wow. I think it's a pretty good show for weekly TV. They don't have the budget to blow up the whole set (for the guys) or get to rushed into romance (for the gals). Good story, great Actors. Give it a chance. The more you watch - the more the plot thickens.
10/29/22 at 08:19pm

@ Jim S and Steve S. I totally agree with everything you both said. I'm sure I could skip 5 episodes and would not feel like I missed anything if I started watching it again. Billy Burke (I just learned his name) plays the same character in every show he is in. I think the fire scenes are well done until they are trying to put out one foot high little fires that are spaced out about 10 feet from each other. Then it looks fake. Like you could shovel one scoop of dirt on each to put it out. I think there is a call for a good fire series that addresses what is happening around the country but this one isn't it.

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