Quantum Leap

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Sep 19, 2022 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Ben - Raymond LeeAddison - Caitlin BassettMagic - Ernie HudsonIan - Mason Alexander ParkJenn - Nanrisa Lee

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A continuation of the 1989 sci-fi series of the same name.

It has been 30 years since Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. In present day, a new team led by physicist Ben Song has been assembled to restart the project to try and understand the mysteries behind the machine and the man who created it.

But everything changes when Ben makes an unauthorized leap into the past, leaving his team behind to figure out why he did it. At Ben's side throughout his leaps is Army vet Addison, who appears in the form of a hologram only Ben can see.

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Jim S
10/03/22 at 12:46pm

Boring! Almost no plot. The actors are one dimensional. I didn't much like the original, but this is much worse. However, they renewed La Brea so who knows?
09/28/22 at 06:11am

to Nope-
I still stand by my opinion which is that the original show's producers wanted a character in adventures as different persons in different settings.
But desiring celebrity power, they decided TV viewers would see the star actor's face and body while others see another person. And the star could see his host body only in a mirror. Silly mental acrobatics !
If he had jumped into say an anorexic teenager's body, we KNOW it's Sam's (Bakula) mind struggling "to be" inside this strange new skull WITHOUT the need to actually see his handsome TV star face. We're not that slow thinking.
So it's really just smoke and mirrors aimed at attracting a wider audience.
09/27/22 at 12:22pm

This show won't make it. Love some of the ties to the old show but instead of being about Ben fixing what once went wrong, half the show is about the team back home and some conspiracy stuff. The magic of the other show was Sam being "in" the person he leapt into and how he dealt with Al. So disappointed, they missed the entire flavor of the old show which is a top 5 all time for me
09/26/22 at 09:41am

And David.. you missed the point of the original. Half the story WAS Sam (Bakula) trying to be the body he was in. That was a great deal of the interest... can Sam pretend to be a woman... a black man.. a baby... etc. Of course, with today's social intolerance.. an Asian man pretending to be black, female, etc MAY be seen as "appropriation" and offensive. I can't imagine they can pull off the magic of the original merely due to the current social climate and everyone being so frail and living in victimhood. Premier was alllllllll white.... so guess we'll see how long before some social group is up in arms because "Ben" is in a body other than a white male.
09/26/22 at 09:35am

.. once again... the "must cast an LGBTQ actor" brings the entire show down because there's no ability to actually ACT. All I can say is all these LGBTQ actors better make all the money they can at this point because some day casting based upon lifestyle rather than acting ability is going to end once producers and network execs realize they are losing money and ruining shows due to it. I have nothing against LGBTQ individuals... but "actors" without the ability to actually act should not be getting work.
09/25/22 at 03:44am

I wanted to like it but couldn't get through the first episode. If it makes it through one season, it will be a miracle. No story line, actors/actresses are dull.
09/23/22 at 02:08pm

I don't like it. I figured they would stuff 22 agenda in it STOP IT. It is a flop imo. Glad original was in 89 this continuation is an insult to them. Easy pass after Pilot
09/20/22 at 02:10am

It's blatantly obvious they are trying to fit as many demographics into one cast as they can to be as PC as they can. Acting is horrendous. Story line is boring and I'm only half way through the first episode.
Steve S.
09/19/22 at 01:13am

I was planning to watch this but by the end of the trailer, I changed my mind. Time travel is the easiest least original construct in all of tv and film. So I jump carefully into it.

I never watched the original either so I have nothing specific to say about it although it wasn't because of Bakula.
09/17/22 at 02:32pm

Hue - there's no need for a single leading actor.
We have mind and body swapping stories all the time. Rarely is the audience confused and detracted.
There's no time and money wasted. It's like casting different guest actors for each episode as in anthology type shows (e.g. Twilight Zone).
It may actually cost more to pay and coddle a single big shot leading man.
I think it's just a PR effort to get more viewers. But I'm not looking forward to THIS leading man wearing a diaper playing a baby.

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