Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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May 05, 2022 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Cpt. Pike - Anson MountNumber One - Rebecca RomijnSpock - Ethan PeckM'Benga - Babs OlusanmokunLa'an - Christina ChongNyota - Celia Rose Gooding

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A spin-off of 'Star Trek: Discovery' following Captain Pike and the crew of the USS Enterprise.

A decade before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike, Science Officer Spock, and Number One explored new worlds around the galaxy aboard the famed starship.

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Mr E
08/27/23 at 05:29pm

The fact we have a show charting the adventures of a captain we barely knew but Trekkies loved is a miracle in itself that fans were actually listened to. Long live strange new worlds.
Just Keith
07/12/23 at 07:05am

Since you asked for it...
S2E1 - The little girl who was rescued from the Gorn (in S1) is shown with her "parents"... two women. Clearly these two XX's didn't breed the child. And having two mommies has ZERO to do with the plot, it's only there to make a woke point.

S2E2 - The defense argument for allowing an illegal to remain is EXACTLY the same argument that is being used at our Southern Border for allowing catch-and-release by the millions. Again, it's completely a left-wing position the producers are propagandizing.

S2E3 - Anti-police for stopping someone in a car chase by accusing them of stopping someone for being (from a different country), a civil rights attorney, deliberately turning their body cams off.

That's 3-for-3.
Just Keith
06/15/23 at 06:07am


What @Steve S. said.
If you see it, you see it. There is no un-seeing it.
If you don't, you're probably already one of them.
There's telling a good, imaginative, captivating story... and then there's telling that very same story with particular elements deliberately injected simply because someone wants to push an agenda. All too frequently the deliberate changes actually break the lore of a legacy.
So getting right down to it... are they trying to tell a story, or are they trying to push an agenda.
06/02/23 at 06:51pm

Really like this show far better than the crap paramount is making.
Steve S.
03/13/23 at 10:09am

@CMB -

Many if not most of us are aware of the power and sometimes overwhelming efforts of the woke movement: changing gender norms, indoctrinating children, changing language, mandating and enforcing diversity, not allowing humor and art like Dr Suess any anything that isn't woke approved, .... the current agenda list is extensive and I'm not going to try to draw it here for you.

I suspect if one is in favor of this agenda that's being strongly pushed, you might be less aware. However, I think most everybody is fully aware of exactly what's going on overall and many of those that like it pretend the great push is imaginary. While others, who do not like many things that are woke, are sensitive and bothered when we sense that entertainment is not the priority, the woke agenda is.
10/10/22 at 04:26pm

To Steve S and Just Keith - I've seen you mention things that are "woke" in various shows, and you obviously don't approve. What exactly are you referring to? I'm just curious...
07/08/22 at 09:33am

Loving the show so far. It feels like the show is being run by people who love Star Trek. I hope the studio Execs don't ruin it.
05/08/22 at 06:12pm

I do enjoy Mount and I'm a fan of Romijn. Unforrtunately, they have already thrown in quite a number of woke elements, a few of which different from the history of the original trek. We'll see though, I'll give it a few more episodes but the wokeness and forced diversity being thrown in my face is already working against it imo.
Steve S.
05/05/22 at 12:47pm

I'd watch it because of Mount and I think I'd remember Romijn if I saw it.
Just Keith
05/05/22 at 05:49am

I'll give it a few episodes.
Lets hope they didn't make it all woke trash like they did Discovery and Picard.
I like Mount and Romijn.

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