Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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May 05, 2022 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Cpt. Pike - Anson MountNumber One - Rebecca RomijnSpock - Ethan PeckM'Benga - Babs OlusanmokunLa'an - Christina ChongNyota - Celia Rose Gooding

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A spin-off of 'Star Trek: Discovery' following Captain Pike and the crew of the USS Enterprise.

A decade before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike, Science Officer Spock, and Number One explored new worlds around the galaxy aboard the famed starship.

Comments (7)

10/10/22 at 04:26pm

To Steve S and Just Keith - I've seen you mention things that are "woke" in various shows, and you obviously don't approve. What exactly are you referring to? I'm just curious...
07/08/22 at 09:33am

Loving the show so far. It feels like the show is being run by people who love Star Trek. I hope the studio Execs don't ruin it.
05/08/22 at 06:12pm

I do enjoy Mount and I'm a fan of Romijn. Unforrtunately, they have already thrown in quite a number of woke elements, a few of which different from the history of the original trek. We'll see though, I'll give it a few more episodes but the wokeness and forced diversity being thrown in my face is already working against it imo.
Steve S.
05/05/22 at 12:47pm

I'd watch it because of Mount and I think I'd remember Romijn if I saw it.
Just Keith
05/05/22 at 05:49am

I'll give it a few episodes.
Lets hope they didn't make it all woke trash like they did Discovery and Picard.
I like Mount and Romijn.
Steve S.
05/05/22 at 00:31am

Ahh they have a preview now and I can see it's a comedy or a spoof. They should have said so - lame - is that what the "Strange" is for? So to those who've been watching: is it good, funny?
03/02/22 at 06:05pm

NOT a spin-off. Dumbass!

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