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Jan 08, 2023 - Present




Drama / Crime


Jason - Scott CaanNikki - Dania Ramirez

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A procedural drama following Philly PD's Missing Persons Unit.

When police officer Nikki Parker's son goes missing, she joins the Philadelphia PD's Missing Person's Unit to try and help others like her find their loved ones while she searches for her own.

After six years of looking, Nikki's world is turned upside-down when her ex-husband shows up with a proof-of-life photo of their missing child. But is it really him?

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The Rodentman
03/05/24 at 05:04am

Scott Cann can't. I'd rather be the only woman on a Greek freighter than watch this garbage. Makes me wonder if Turgid Dick Wolf is involved with this, as he's the expert with left-wing nonsense.
09/03/23 at 03:35pm

Maybe weed out the ones that continually call Trump supporters racist when it absolutely not true!! Get to actually know some1 instead of drawing a conclusion
06/01/23 at 07:12pm

How about removing Rick the left wing a******
05/24/23 at 05:10pm

Can't you weed out these right-wing racist Trumpers from your comment section?
05/03/23 at 03:12am

This show is super annoying, and I can't believe I've watched as long as I have. Came here to see if it's been cancelled because it hasn't been on in quite a while, only to see it's been renewed even though it hasn't been on for a full season. I'm frankly amazed it was renewed with the bad writing and how horribly disjointed it is. There isn't even really a tie in between the two separate teams. It's as if they didn't have enough for two different shows so they smushed them together and there's no flow.
Steve S.
03/07/23 at 00:33am

I'm embarrassed for everyone in the show for participating in this woke crap and for myself for watching it as long as I did. I violently puked to try to get it out of my system and couldn't even watch the final hour.
03/01/23 at 08:41pm

Yeah -- I am so over it. Without giving anything away, I will say the season finale was a bunch of ridiculous nonsense! Back and forth about the son all season -- only to result in a ridiculous conclusion. Longest two hours of any show all season! The season was a total waste of time and I honesty hope it doesn't get renewed. They do not know how to write a show!
Steve S.
02/11/23 at 02:12am - as L-2 has pointed out twice, you have LAPD up top which should be Philadelphia! Let three yellow cards be the charm.
Steve S.
02/11/23 at 01:46am

Where to start. I've caught up on episodes now, but for how long. It's off-the-wall ridiculous in every aspect which makes it hard to point out things that you find too much to take. But I will - two of the regular characters are particularly bad - the egg mystic crime location solving genius suffering victim herself wrecks things as they need a serious person in this role to temper other lunacy instead of adding more. The forensic pathologist character is way too sissy eccentric and likewise this funny farm ensemble cries for a more serious person in this role to give it a tiny bit of grounding.
The three main characters, even with their impossible dead-end triad relationship are likable, but that can't be sustained - and if it is sustained, it is so far from (what we all know) is remotely plausible - so our leads are destined for an early demise - unless this unworkable three-way is part of some unimaginable new woke agenda.
The home family aspect works so far but it always runs the high risk of wrecking the show.
Sometimes the show looks like John Wick with the Person of Interest's picture being broadcast to everyone's phone. It makes those shows look reasonable.
Nikki, the lead vigilante, constantly drifts in and out off accents, more often than Alec Baldwin's wife. Given that she's played by a Latin, it's almost acceptable. She yearns to be playing a cartel boss like Teresa in Queen of the South. Maybe she'll lose the accent like Taraji Henson did on Person of Interest. (I remember Taraji in the first couple of episodes with an overdone street accent which I thought terrible until I heard a cop on TV talk exactly like that. Didn't matter, they had her ditch it anyway.)
In short (ha ha), I don't know how long they can keep keep this love carnival going. The big three are good enough for the time being.
02/09/23 at 10:00am

I see nobody in-charge of this website has addressed my 1/10/23 comment regarding the show NOT involving "LAPD" (which generally pertains to Los Angeles PD). That's this website's problem, not ALERT's issue.
ALERT is losing me as kidnapped son, Keith's issue is taking too long to resolve for me, along with his sister's involvement, if any.

Other little things:
The last episode has Scott C. talking about a "Mauser" sniper rifle but the casing was a .308, which is common to many brands and styles of rifle, not just a Mauser-brand rifle (which isn't particularly popular, btw).

Scott C., for S&W revolver fans, uses an old-school Model 36 snub-nose revolver mostly. Perhaps it's ok with the Philadelphia PD, but certainly uncommon nowadays. Everyone else on his team seems to be using a Glock, which is more common, hence realistic, for Police to be using. I do like revolvers, too, btw.

Overall, the weekly missing persons' storylines are ok, but not great; especially with the storylines, with Dania R.'s improvisation of an IED against the badguys; and how did the money come out of the sky?; and Adeola R.'s back-story was confusing to me and probably needs more development.

I'm sorry for the cast & crew, but I could easily drop this series from my inventory, if not for my wife, who hasn't yet decided.

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