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Blue Bloods

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On Air: Sep 24, 2010 - Present
Network: CBS

Blue Bloods Renewed For Season 4

The cop drama will return for the 2013-2014 season.

March 27, 2013

CBS announced today that Blue Bloods has been renewed for a fourth season. The police drama has continued to perform solidly in its Friday night time slot, where it has been airing since its premiere in 2010.

Today's announcement included renewals of a large portion of the CBS primetime line-up for the 2013-2014 season. Other dramas receiving pick-ups today include The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, Elementary, Person of Interest, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Notables still awaiting news include CSI:NY, Vegas, and Criminal Minds.

UPDATE: Season 4 of Blue Bloods premieres on Friday, September 27, 2013 at 10:00pm.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (116)

Sharon Connell
Posted 10/02/14 at 17:59:58

This is my favorite show, I am so glad that it has been renewed. It is so refreshing to see a show that has realistic, interesting stories while depicting good family values. Thank you CBS.
Mary Anne
Posted 06/25/14 at 22:10:18

Blue Bloods is by far the best, morally conscious show on T.V. now and the only one I watch. They are not afraid to be the one family which any age can look at as a role model for all ages and although it is "just" a program, it gives people a role model to emulate! It still has all the makings of good action, romance, how single parents cope, two parents both working with children, three generations communicating while facing daily challenges we can even relate to. The powers to be would make their worst decision ever to cancel this program. What are you going to put in it's place? Even more news programs which makes you want to turn the channel because they only give fodder to the already very sick minds out there! Each character has it's own unique personality and getting along has it's challenges, just as is with life and families! Thank you writers for giving us ONE program worth watching! It says something wonderful about Blue Bloods but it also says something about how sick this world is to watch and promote the sadistic ways of the "Criminal Minds"just adding more sickness to this world! If anyone finds themselves getting more and more depressed and they watch these other gorey shows try watching Blue Bloods and not watching these others and you will find yourself feeling better!
Posted 04/11/14 at 21:48:21

Love this show! Watch it every week. Tom Selleck is great. I liked Jackie as Danny's partner. Bring her back. Give Jamie more air time.
Posted 02/20/14 at 15:00:59

It would be a real shame to see this program cancelled.As far as I'm concerned it's one of the finest programs on the air.I never miss it.I'm so sick of vampires,werewolves,zombies,and "reality shows"
Posted 02/20/14 at 13:32:16

We bought all the dvds so we watch episodes over again. Writing is really good, story lines believable and excellent. This is the type of show that families can watch! All characters are great BUT PLEASE bring back Jennifer Esposito. She was perfect as Danny's partner and no one else has been able to match her.
barn donoghue
Posted 01/29/14 at 03:50:39

I have been tom selek since he started. Besides. My birth 1/21/1945. So I little in common. He is my favorite actor
Posted 01/13/14 at 21:43:25

Please keep Blue Blood on it's a good show for the family. So, I guess you will take it off since we all love this show. Tom is great show more of him. Thanks
Posted 01/02/14 at 17:45:52

I love Tom Selleck. I have watched him in Magnum PI....Loved him in Jessie Stone.... Own the episodes. I watch them over and over. He is a class act......We are truly blessed to have such a great actor in our day.....
Gina Robinson
Posted 01/02/14 at 16:13:04

I love this show and Tom Selleck.
Pat Aldrich
Posted 01/01/14 at 13:17:33

Blue Bloods was absolutely the best show on television--the only one I would never miss. Great scripts, multi-dimensional characters--people you felt you knew, or would like to know. Now I hear they have cancelled it! Who, in their "wisdom" makes these stupid decisions? Are we going to have yet another "reality" shoe in their time slot, as boring as watching fat people get weighed for 2 hours ? Or singers who are clones of each other "competing" for some dubious title or reward. Of course, that type of show is cheap to produce because they don't have to pay for decent writers. But now, if Blue Bloods is cancelled, I'll just turn off the TV and read a book.

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A drama following a multi-generational family of New York City cops.


Tom Selleck (Frank)
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Donnie Wahlberg (Danny)
Dylan Moore (Sydney)
Len Cariou (Henry)
Will Estes (Jamie)
Margaret Anne Florence (Angela)