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Code Black

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Network: CBS

A medical drama following a chaotic emergency room in Los Angeles.

Inspired by an award-winning documentary, this medical drama takes place in the busiest emergency room in the country, where Code Black situations — when there are more patients than personnel or resources to treat them all — occur an alarming 300 days a year.

The outstanding staff of this notoriously overcrowded and understaffed ER work to protect their patients and their ideals by confronting a challenged system that pushes them to their limits.

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Posted 05/08/17 at 17:32:15

I love Code Black and hope it doesn't get cancelled. Great characters and story line. They can cancel other crappy shows on CBS and put this one in it's place!
Posted 05/02/17 at 13:55:06

Please Code Black is the most realistic hospital show on tv. I love every single cast member, they all are the most talented actors out there. The scripts are the best scripts every written for a series. I have to mention Mama, we all need a mama in our lives. If this show doesn't return it will be like a tragic death. I hear the shows ratings weren't as high as season one. Does that include Canadian viewers? Canada loves Code Black , I know they of because we know a fantastic show when we see one! Thank you for the past 2 seasons, so please renew a season 3!
Posted 04/14/17 at 15:56:22

nicely character driven show which gives an interesting and probably accurate view of an understaffed and overworked e.r. department.
Posted 03/26/17 at 18:46:37

I check 'Is my show cancelled' regularly, hoping for news of Code Black returning. I enjoyed Rob Lowe's conflicted character, didn't miss the missing cast from season 1, and thought a number of story lines were carefully, artfully crafted.
I'll keep checking, hope to see this renewed!
Marcia Thomas
Posted 03/16/17 at 10:20:04

Please don't cancel this show. I really enjoy it but wish it were on at an earlier time. I usually watch it on demand because I get up early for work and go to bed at 10!
Posted 02/28/17 at 11:31:47

Please do not cancel this program. I love this show.
Posted 02/11/17 at 09:03:37

Please do not cancel!!!!
Posted 02/09/17 at 18:26:36

Love code black. Please keep it going!!!
Posted 02/09/17 at 10:00:58

DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW.. its an awesome show the cast is wonderful and the story lines can bring tears to your eyes.. looking forward to season 3.
Posted 02/09/17 at 09:54:05

This show is fantastic! The cast is so talented and the storylines are need a box of tissues with some of these episodes... please do not cancel this show

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Genre: Drama / Medical

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Marcia Gay Harden (Leanne)
Luis Guzman (Jesse)
Raza Jaffrey (Neal)
Benjamin Hollingsworth (Mario)
Bonnie Somerville (Christa)
Melanie Kannokada (Malaya)
Harry Ford (Angus)
William Allen Young (Rollie)