• Season 3 of Code Black premieres on Wednesday, Apr 25 at 10:00pm.

Code Black

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Sep 30, 2015 - Present




Drama / Medical


Leanne - Marcia Gay HardenJesse - Luis GuzmanNeal - Raza JaffreyMario - Benjamin HollingsworthChrista - Bonnie SomervilleMalaya - Melanie KannokadaAngus - Harry FordRollie - William Allen Young

A medical drama following a chaotic emergency room in Los Angeles.

Inspired by an award-winning documentary, this medical drama takes place in the busiest emergency room in the country, where Code Black situations — when there are more patients than personnel or resources to treat them all — occur an alarming 300 days a year.

The outstanding staff of this notoriously overcrowded and understaffed ER work to protect their patients and their ideals by confronting a challenged system that pushes them to their limits.

Comments (113)

04/08/18 at 11:02am

It now comes back

On April 25 @ 10/9
01/26/18 at 01:09pm

@Jan. According to what I've read, I think it returns May 2nd.
01/26/18 at 09:59am


Season 3 of Code Black premieres on Wednesday, May 2 at 10:00pm.
01/06/18 at 11:39am

I understood this program had not been cancelled, but I haven't been able to find it this year. Will is return this January? What's going on?
10/16/17 at 09:58pm

If this gets canceled too, then you can count me out of all cable shows... This is one of the last shows I watch and I will be pissed of it goes.
David Dodd
09/20/17 at 10:40am

Please keep code black on, why does big bang and big brother have to have 2 nights can't stand big brother or big bang its stupid.
05/08/17 at 05:32pm

I love Code Black and hope it doesn't get cancelled. Great characters and story line. They can cancel other crappy shows on CBS and put this one in it's place!
05/02/17 at 01:55pm

Please Code Black is the most realistic hospital show on tv. I love every single cast member, they all are the most talented actors out there. The scripts are the best scripts every written for a series. I have to mention Mama, we all need a mama in our lives. If this show doesn't return it will be like a tragic death. I hear the shows ratings weren't as high as season one. Does that include Canadian viewers? Canada loves Code Black , I know they of because we know a fantastic show when we see one! Thank you for the past 2 seasons, so please renew a season 3!
04/14/17 at 03:56pm

nicely character driven show which gives an interesting and probably accurate view of an understaffed and overworked e.r. department.
03/26/17 at 06:46pm

I check 'Is my show cancelled' regularly, hoping for news of Code Black returning. I enjoyed Rob Lowe's conflicted character, didn't miss the missing cast from season 1, and thought a number of story lines were carefully, artfully crafted.
I'll keep checking, hope to see this renewed!

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