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Sep 21, 1998 - Apr 23, 2020








Will - Eric McCormackGrace - Debra MessingKaren - Megan MullallyJack - Sean Hayes

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A comedy following the friendship between a gay lawyer and a straight interior designer.

Will Truman, a gay lawyer, and Grace Adler, a straight interior designer, are two neurotic and sharp-tongued best friends sharing an apartment in New York City.

Together, they delight in their volatile, but enduring, friendship as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives along with Will's flamboyant friend Jack and Grace's eccentric assistant Karen.

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10/24/19 at 06:18pm

The 9 people left still watching the show will be very disappointed to see it end.
10/02/19 at 10:59pm

Aww...the political propaganda freakshow is going off the air...again? Bye Felicia!!!
Janice Milligan
07/25/19 at 01:25pm

Just read that 2020 will be the final season. I'm not surprised. I love the whole cast (although I do have to agree with others that Messing seemed out of place) but it just wasn't as good this time around.
03/26/19 at 02:13am

Well I love the show and the reboot. The writing is great and the windows are hilarious. Keep up the great show. I can’t stop laughing every time I watch it.
03/10/19 at 09:15am

NBC does not help the situation by deciding to air the episodes out of sequence. The Valentines Day episode just aired on March 7th, why? I know the budgets for all these reboot shows are significantly lower than they were 15 years ago but that still leaves a lot of questions about quality.
03/10/19 at 09:08am

This is not a Will & Grace issue it is an NBC issue. The highest rated sitcom on NBC is Superstore which gets just over 3 million viewers a week. Over at CBS the highest rated sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, gets about 13 million a week. That is not a discrepancy it is a grand canyon.
01/04/19 at 01:58pm

Jacob: Why would you want to subject the community to terrible television? Original: Fantastic. Reboot: Awful idea. Everyone on the show became uninteresting.
11/30/18 at 02:16pm

As a member of the LGBTQ community I have to say how disappointed I am in my community's decision to abandon the show in droves. If it survives to see 1 more season I would expect NBC to lower the episode number from 18 down to 10 or no more than 12. Unfortunate because the reboot has been good aside from a few missteps (like we're supposed to believe Will & Grace are still in their 40s).
10/04/18 at 05:42pm

If I could give it zero stars, I would. Just aweful.
10/04/18 at 09:11am

Get rid of Jack and Karen. They are horrible people. Maybe then I'll watch it.

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