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Sep 21, 1998 - Apr 23, 2020








Will - Eric McCormackGrace - Debra MessingKaren - Megan MullallyJack - Sean Hayes

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A comedy following the friendship between a gay lawyer and a straight interior designer.

Will Truman, a gay lawyer, and Grace Adler, a straight interior designer, are two neurotic and sharp-tongued best friends sharing an apartment in New York City.

Together, they delight in their volatile, but enduring, friendship as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives along with Will's flamboyant friend Jack and Grace's eccentric assistant Karen.

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10/27/17 at 02:57pm

I thought it was just me but I see others have also mentioned the character Grace not fitting in anymore, which makes me sad because I really like Debra Messing. Unfortunately her scenes this time around are just so awkward and forced. It's comes off as totally unnatural. Everyone else is on point though and I really look forward to its continued success, but I'm thinking they might be better off without her.
10/27/17 at 00:11am

I enjoyed the original show but the re do seemes off. I do not want to offend anyone but Grace just does not make it work anymore she is a fourth weel in the machine and does not seem to fit. They are careful in the angles that she is in because she has put on so much weight it seems to effect how the shots are filmed giving it a chopped look. This takes away the smooth look of the original series. Sorry do not mean to offend anyone but the magic is not there anymore. MKL&ML
Soda Pop
10/16/17 at 10:06am

Although I am so glad this show came back, I do have to agree with a few other posters here and admit something I never thought could happen. Grace just isn't doing it for me anymore. Her character isn't blending well with the others like she used to. I love everything about the rest of the show and look forward to it every week but she just isn't working for some reason.
10/04/17 at 09:14am

I wasn't a huge fan of the show when it first came out, but came to appreciate it more when watching reruns of it. The revival was ok. Not as funny but it's only the first episode so I'll keep watching. I do agree with Jenny when it comes to the character Grace. She was off somehow. The flow between Will and Grace before was smooth. This time around it was bumpy. Grace and Karen's relationship was always fun and entertaining. Now it was stale and overdone. I kept watching thinking that maybe it was just the fact that it takes time to get back into sync after all this time, but the rest of the characters fit together just fine. It was just Grace. Her character is like a third wheel....or in this case, a fourth one.
10/03/17 at 07:29am

Well.......I'm not really sure what to say. I was so excited for this to start. Jack and Will with their banter was awesome as always. Karen was of course Karen.....but Grace. What happened to Grace? She seems like the odd man out. Her character didn't mesh with the rest. It seemed forced and awkward. It's like they left her behind. I'll keep watching for the rest of the cast.
Laura Fox
09/30/17 at 05:59am

No longer funny. Someone needs to tell Debra Messing she has become irrelevant to the human race.
01/23/17 at 11:42am

I loved Will & Grace back in the day, but I am skeptical about a remake. I don't even want to see a remake of Friends, ER or Seinfeld because all the material has been done before. I like it when shows end while they are still on top. I think The Big Bang Theory is starting to lose steam too.
01/20/17 at 07:12pm

Am I the only one who thinks that they have totally run out of ideas? They remade or are remaking almost every movie or show that was good. They are making squeals and prequels. They are bringing back shows and rebooting shows... Come on! Give us something new, please! And how about this... let it run for a while before you cancel it? I am so tired of reality shows, remakes, and everything else to find a show I like to have it canceled right away. I might as well just watch Netflix and call it the end of new TV and Film!
michael dobey
01/20/17 at 05:04pm

This was a great show. It lasted for 8 seasons. From 1998-2006. And who would have thought that 11 years later? they would bring it back. That's hardly ever been done with any show. And that's a long time in the tv landscape!

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