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Mar 02, 2010 - Jan 29, 2014








Adam - Peter KrauseSarah - Lauren GrahamCrosby - Dax ShepardJulia - Erika ChristensenKristina - Monica PotterJoel - Sam JaegerJasmine - Joy BryantAmber - Mae WhitmanHaddie - Sarah RamosDrew - Miles HeizerMax - Max BurkholderSydney - Savannah Paige RaeCamille - Bonnie BedeliaZeek - Craig T. Nelson

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A drama about the challenges of raising children.

Parenthood follows three generations of the Braverman family and the trials and tribulations of their lives.

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02/01/15 at 05:30pm

You have no idea how upset many of us are about the cancellation of Parenthood. It is one of the very few shows we watch, It is a shame that the good shows are cancelled and the bad ones remain, I introduced this show to others and they loved it. Please reconsider and keep it for another season. Thanks. Please try and answer me.
01/30/15 at 00:09am

what an ending. everyone outdid themselves, from writers to producers to directors and to the actors and actresses. I laughed, cried, jumped for joy, enjoyed every minute of it. WE WILL MISS THE BRAVERMAN FAMILY MUCH.
01/08/15 at 07:41pm

A friend just told me about the show I just love it. I was very upset to hear that this was the final season. Seems like once you find issue that you really enjoy it ends up getting canceled. Is there any chance there can be a season 7,8,9,10 and so on. What does it take to keep it on the air. I'm so tired of getting hooked on a show and it getting cancelled for no reason at all!!!
How disappointing...
01/04/15 at 02:51pm

I'd like to see Parenthood return
Marilyn Sturges
12/23/14 at 12:04pm

Parenthood is one of the very few shows I watch on TV these days. It's a class act with wonderful actors/actresses. I love the Bravermans; they are so like many families - some bickering, some strong disagreements but there's always the love. We need MORE shows of this calibre, not more reality shows nor moronic shows that pass for comedy. I shudder to think what NBC will put in its time slot. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the network would change its mind and let us enjoy more seasons of the Bravermans?
11/07/14 at 01:09am

Each year brings a better story. Even though we are aware that Parenthood is in its final season. It will be greatly missed. It deals with real life's trials, tribulations, rewards,and family commitment.
From one season to the next, it has given us such warmth and complete stories. So down to earth.
I have laughed, cried, jumped with joy with all story lines.
And as it finalizes, lets bring Joel and Julia back together where they belong. Give Amber a healthy baby to extend into the Braverman 4th edition. May Zeke live a long and healthy life.Kristina stay cancer free, and bill the strong school with Adam. Crosby and Jasmine live happily ever after. Sarah find true love with Hank. What better way to end. I will shed many tears as I see PARENTHOOD exit our tv world.
Beyond all this, as actors, may you find yourself in your next adventure as rewarding as this shows. God bless you all.
May the BRAVERMANS live forever.
debbie wald
11/02/14 at 05:08pm

Why do we constantly see great shows cancelled. THis show has everything, good acting, real life stories. Real trials and tribulations of a real family. WE continue to always keep another cop or detective show but all the family ones are leaving.Where does this leave the family with teenagers, with just another show with blood and guts. Please consider saving this show.
Patricia Riendeau
10/06/14 at 09:02am

Please do not cancel this show. There are so many poor shows on TV. This is one of the few shows that relates to most people in our society. It makes one think about similar situations in one's own life. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW.
10/01/14 at 09:18pm

I really love this show. I wish they would reconsider making this season the final season.
09/21/14 at 08:50pm

This show has been so amazing. I can't believe they are on their final season...

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