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Oct 10, 2012 - Jan 28, 2020


The CW


Drama / Action




Oliver - Stephen AmellFelicity - Emily Bett RickardsJohn - David RamseyThea - Willa HollandCurtis - Echo KellumAdrian - Josh SegarraQuentin - Paul BlackthorneRene - Rick GonzalezDinah - Juliana Harkavy

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An action adventure series based on comic book superhero Green Arrow.

Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was presumed dead for five years after being caught in a terrible shipwreck. He is eventually found alive on a remote island in the Pacific and brought back home to Starling City to reunite with his mother, sister, and best friend.

Something, however, is different about Oliver after his time on the island. He is hiding the truth about the man he has become and seeks to make amends for the actions he took in his youth. Secretly, he has become a vigilante under a new persona known as Arrow, out to right the errs of his family and fight the wrongdoings of society in hopes of restoring Starling City to its former glory.

Comments (47)

09/19/21 at 03:18am

After watching about the first 10 minutes of the show, I stopped and never watched it again. I'm glad I did.
05/14/20 at 05:37pm

04/30/19 at 09:45am

First two seasons were great, but the rest are disappointments beyond belief. However, the fifth season was fantastic, and probably the best. But, the writing is bad, characters often don't act like themselves, the acting is an issue sometimes, and doesn't feel too dragged on like The Flash. Overall, it's a mediocre TV show that started off strong but just went downhill.
10/15/18 at 08:33pm

Kill off Curtis and Dinah, put Thea back into her superhero role, go back to Season 1-3 format and you just might have a watchable show again for a few more seasons.
06/28/18 at 07:36pm

The Dias nemesis brought life back to the show. It was really interesting. The show is at its strongest when they are working as a team. Looking forward to the next season.
David Dickinson
04/08/18 at 12:39pm

Is it just me? Or is Felicity's line delivery besides sometimes being incoherent getting faster and faster?
11/12/17 at 04:12pm

Like a lot of shows, long in the tooth. Should have taken MASH,FRIENDS, SEINFELD, ETC, advice, and quit when they where still a good show, maybe 2 seasons or 3 even.
A Brpwm
01/20/17 at 12:59pm

Kept me very interested for the first two years. Now, just boring fights, Same old bad guys coming back. Can't get rid of any of them. Oliver has lost all family and most friends, I think he's done. Writers suck.
06/09/16 at 00:26am

Glad to see this is back again next year
Love this show!
05/27/16 at 08:20am

Great Show and great season keep it going

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