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Sep 24, 2013 - Present






Beverly - Wendi McLendon-CoveyMurray - Jeff GarlinPops - George SegalErica - Hayley OrrantiaBarry - Troy GentileAdam - Sean Giambrone

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A comedy following kids growing up in a dysfunctional 1980s family.

The Goldbergs are a typical loving family back in a simpler time known as the '80s, with just a tad more dysfunction.

Beverly is a classic overprotective mother who rules her household with full authority. Her husband Murray is rough around the edges and hot-tempered. Together they have three kids: Erica, Barry, and Adam - who are a handful to say the least.

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Ken Brewer
04/25/17 at 07:02am

Anyone who doesn't think this show is funny must have not been around in the 80's. Great cast and great episodes. Truly one of my favorite all time shows. My whole family sits together watching the Golbergs. Great family time. I think my children enjoy watching me laugh so hard I sometimes can't breath.
Highly recommended.
03/21/17 at 04:48pm

I agree, this show is not funny.
11/06/16 at 01:41am

Great nostalgic show for reminiscences of the 1980s ... Just like the wonder years was the 60s ...i was in secondary school in the 1980s ...amazing ...
who would call himself after a MacDonald's burger ,so funny ...great show the end clips after the episodes ...nostalgic!!!!
Parish J
07/03/16 at 10:15pm

Mary, please don't. You have how many channels on you T.V? People like you and h8r are the bad reviews on this. Why is it this one of the cleaner television show that come on, it is family friendly and my wife and I LOVE this show! Simply put, if you don't like it, it don't take that much effort on push the button on your remote control and change the channel. No one is forcing you to watch it!
11/17/15 at 05:18pm

Haven't they cancelled this boring show yet?
10/19/15 at 11:02am

This show is very sweet and innocent, everything that the 80s was NOT!!! I still love the show and watch it every week. The little boy is adorable but his clearly Midwest accent is kind of distracting since the show takes place in Philly and no one else in the family sounds like that.
10/14/15 at 05:57pm

I really wouldn't mind seeing the show moved to an hour long slot! I love it!!
Linda Niemeyer
09/08/15 at 05:18pm

My husband and I love this program! As far as I'm concerned, it's the only good comedy on TV. We laugh so hard we just about cry. The whole cast is wonderful and very talented. I don't watch much TV, but never miss this every Wednesday!
michael o'connor
05/13/15 at 03:48pm

Love this show!!
05/06/15 at 04:00pm

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this gem of a show. From the narration to the sweet stories of growing up & his family...when the episodes end & we get to see real footage of Adam's family well that is the best. Take note folks we don't get to many good ones on t.v. anymore.. This one is second to none...Would love to see them on stage at the Emmy's because if anybody rates it's this group!!!

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