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Oct 03, 2013 - Aug 01, 2018


The CW


Drama / Horror




Klaus - Joseph MorganElijah - Daniel GilliesRebekah - Claire HoltHayley - Phoebe TonkinMarcel - Charles Michael DavisSophie - Daniella PinedaCami - Leah PipesDavina - Danielle Campbell

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A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries following the world's original vampires.

One thousand years after the original vampire family pledged to always remain together, family bonds are starting to break. Time has passed, tragedy has taken its toll, and hunger for power has corrupted its members. Tensions are high in the city of New Orleans and long-smoldering war is about to break out.

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Martin Paul Kelly
08/19/18 at 03:48am

Really sorry to see this end, great cast hopefully something else along the same lines will come along shortly.
06/17/18 at 09:36am

Cant believe that it ends after season 5
Neal L.
01/02/18 at 07:44pm

I just lost interest after the 2nd season. But that is just me. I mainly watched it because there where 2 actresses from H2o that where in this and wanted to see how the show was. But I can do without it.
12/21/17 at 12:15pm

@Cody if u had read his message correcty, then u wouldve seen that he was talking about the vampire diaries.
10/22/17 at 05:34am

@PJ, the show has only had 4 seasons so how in the hell could it have gotten stupid after season 4 when season 5 has not even aired yet.
But other than one stupid guy, the show is phenomenal and unfortunately the vampire diaries ended last season and now this hopefully they end it off on a good note.
10/07/17 at 02:37am

They could have canceled this after Season 3. I wouldn’t have missed it at all. Much like Vampire Diaries, got stupid after season 4. It got old really quick! Glad to see it go!
09/13/17 at 04:39am

Thank you for at least bringing back Season but we are losing another great show...I'll look forward to watching the final season although, it'll be bittersweet.
michael dobey
07/21/17 at 03:44pm

well, they are letting another show go. (after this next season) I thought this would last longer. At least it will have a ending. 5 seasons is not a bad run!
Beth Griese
06/26/17 at 03:15pm

Writing on this show is awesome! I like it better than vampire Diaries. Acting is amazing. Love love this show
11/16/16 at 08:05am

Don't cancel, love the series.and I hated that Cami was killed off, felt she held them all together.

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