About A Boy

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Feb 22, 2014 - Feb 17, 2015




Comedy / Drama




Will - David WaltonFiona - Minnie DriverMarcus - Benjamin StockhamAndy - Al MadrigalLaurie - Annie Mumolo

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A dramedy following a bachelor who becomes unexpected friends with his young neighbor.

Based on the best-selling novel and subsequent movie, this dramedy follows Will Freeman, a bachelor who once wrote a hit song that set him up financially for the rest of his life.

He's enjoying his worry-free life as a single guy until he meets a single mother and her charming 11-year-old son, who move in next door and disrupt his perfect world.

Comments (21)

01/25/16 at 07:41pm

Leave it to NBC to screw this up!
Won't someone PLEASE pick this up?!!!!
We need more shows with a moral compass. I love this one!
01/19/16 at 07:53am

Awesome show, sweet, funny
09/22/15 at 01:20am

This was such a GREAT show.....very cute & funny and sweet -
not too many shows on TV like this - a Joy to watch. Great relationships between Will & Marcus it's Fantastic - it shows that a single man can be a roll model. Mom & Son are just wonderful together - what a Great and quirky fun relationship they have. Nothing like it on TV. You made a mistake - I Love this show....Please bring it back....it always made me laugh and feel good....what about making us feel good about a TV show - it's not just about REALITY (So Called Reality) and Cops & Robbers or morbid, scary shows. Let's have more nice, funny, clever shows on TV. It was different....I have many friends that Loved the show. Please reconsider and bring the show back.
08/30/15 at 02:48pm

Love this show. Please renew it. I just watched the entire series in 1 day. Beautifully done, and really funny and cute. Please bring back!!!
05/06/15 at 00:01am

Renew it! Keep the series going it's one of the only tv series out there that has positive morals that tie into an interesting plot in a comedic way. Great tv show I finished the first season in a couple of days on Netflix. Please keep it going!
Terri Stephens
05/05/15 at 07:07pm

Love this show!!!
05/05/15 at 11:48am

This needs to be continued! my favorite TV show of all time hands down! please keep it going!
03/30/15 at 12:36pm

I really like this show,and I want a season 3 !!!!
03/03/15 at 03:47am

Oh, please, please, please cancel soon. Such a drag, can't wait for something really good to come on, maybe something suspenseful.
01/08/15 at 10:42am

Please rewnew it for season 3.

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