About A Boy

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Feb 22, 2014 - Feb 17, 2015




Comedy / Drama




Will - David WaltonFiona - Minnie DriverMarcus - Benjamin StockhamAndy - Al MadrigalLaurie - Annie Mumolo

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A dramedy following a bachelor who becomes unexpected friends with his young neighbor.

Based on the best-selling novel and subsequent movie, this dramedy follows Will Freeman, a bachelor who once wrote a hit song that set him up financially for the rest of his life.

He's enjoying his worry-free life as a single guy until he meets a single mother and her charming 11-year-old son, who move in next door and disrupt his perfect world.

Comments (21)

11/11/14 at 11:49pm

spin-off???, about a girl 2015
09/18/14 at 01:17pm

And the date of the new season begins when? ANTICIPATION.
07/09/14 at 02:39pm

I am a 34 year old mom and watch this with my 9 year old son who loves it! Glad that it is renewed! Funny and sweet characters without being too goofy. Looking forward to next season.
06/21/14 at 03:58am

love love love it
05/21/14 at 10:33pm

So glad this charming show has been renewed. A breath of fresh air.
05/19/14 at 07:26pm

Cc - would you please elaborate on your comment, "Unfortunate that this show is on the air." Very disparaging with absolutely no explanation. Useless, in other words. Also, btw, the scene where Minnie Driver, a most talented and gifted actress, is trying to tell Will that Sam may be "expecting" ---- is WONDERFULLY funny! I had to watch it back a couple of times and wondered if I could have been as funny in my delivery of those lines.
David Duncan
05/19/14 at 11:18am

Absolutely the best show hands down. That child is such a character, and the interaction with Minnie Driver is priceless. I realize the child will grow up too fast to keep this series alive, but for now it is the most entertainment on TV.
05/18/14 at 05:20pm

Unfortunate that this show is on the air.
05/18/14 at 08:49am

Great family show noncussing, very little sex, and no violence! I think all the characters are great! I look forward to next season!!!!!
05/13/14 at 02:04am

By the way, the "Penguin" episode was priceless !!!! And it's "About a Boy" - sorry for the goof.

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