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Apr 20, 2014 - Jan 25, 2017


Drama / Fantasy




Mary - Janet MontgomeryGeorge - Michael MulherenJohn - Shane WestCotton - Seth GabelTituba - Ashley MadekweAnne - Tamzin MerchantMercy - Elise EberleHale - Xander BerkeleyGloriana - Azure Parsons

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A supernatural drama following the story behind the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts.

The 17th century witch trials in colonial Massachusetts are an infamous part of history shrouded in darkness and mystery. It all started when Salem Village and Salem Town were in a bitter feud over property, grazing rights, and church rights. People were scrutinized closely by the Puritan leaders in government. Anyone who behaved abnormally was labeled a witch, and often burned at the stake.

In Salem, the witches are a part of everyday life, but they are not who or what they appear to be.

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05/26/17 at 03:45am

I liked Salem, I liked the idea of it. I thought it got kinda too much and far fetched as it went on , if they could have maybe kept the storyline more realistic, I think it could've been more interesting. I almost stopped watching in second and third season. It would be great if it could make a come back with less insanity and far fetched ideas. Maybe Allegra w some charters be happy at all one episode at least, I donnno , thank you though it was an experience and I must say gave me the willies!!!
04/17/17 at 09:27pm

Season 1&2 were amazing! Season 3 flipped a switch on us and became somewhat "out there" and not very engaging. I hope they will at least give this show a proper and good ending and not just dump us after all of the time we've invested into it.
01/10/17 at 08:46am

I loved this show in the first season and slightly less in the 2nd and really find it boring in the 3rd. It's as if it doesn't have the same writers or creators as it did in the beginning. The first season had me on edge with creepy special effects and shocking and original scenes. Now it just meanders along to a predictable conclusion with uninteresting moments that should be exciting. I'm ready to see it end if it is going to be like this.
michael dobey
12/18/16 at 10:08am

At least they will giving the public a proper ending. The show is very over the top and not even close to the real Salem. Watch the crucible to see the real story. Still it's a wacky show and it was fun.
12/14/16 at 05:33pm

Season 1-2 was good and made sense, Season 3 has no clue as to what direction its going in. After the first episode it was so convoluted and disjointed, there was just no way to get this show going again. WAY too many side plots and frankly half of them made zero sense. The could delete the entire Mercy Brothel line and its cast member and the show would never miss them. And what was Anne's role, one week shes the good girl the next shes a psychotic witch, then back to good girl. The writers just had no clue what to do with her, And dont get me started on Satan Kid ... WTH!!
12/13/16 at 06:44pm

Show sucks
09/11/16 at 07:18pm

Seasons 1&2 are on Netflix. You could start watching with the 3rd season but the first two will help you understand the characters better.
09/06/16 at 07:31pm

For anyone who's seen this show: we've never had the wgn network and we do now so do I have to have seen The previous two seasons or can I just start watching from season three and catch up?
04/23/16 at 02:04pm

Great show. Unusual take and twist of fiction and facts in history. The worst part on some of these shows is the wait for the new season. One season a year is too little to hold interest with others coming out. I stil have interest and just want the new season to start- anyone know when that will be?
02/21/16 at 11:40am

JJ Abrams if failing I am not seeing g that at all Bad Robot is making movies and TV

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