The Librarians

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Dec 07, 2014 - Feb 07, 2018




Drama / Action




Eve - Rebecca RomijnJake - Christian KaneCassandra - Lindy BoothEzekiel - John KimJenkins - John Larroquette

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A drama that expands the universe of the movie franchise "The Librarian".

This adventure drama tells the story of an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library. Its members dedicate their lives to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around. This involves solving impossible mysteries, fighting supernatural threats, and recovering powerful artifacts.

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05/10/18 at 05:57pm

OH NO I love this show looked forward to it all the time. This had funny adventures, real dialog, friendship, and small messages of help, support .. PLEASE
BRING IT BACK ! stop cancelling great shows and giving us garbage .. I already stopped watching regular networks.
Gina Huie
04/26/18 at 11:40am

awwwwwww come on. This show is great. I like supernatural/ mystical shows. Im sick of all the negative dramas and reality
03/18/18 at 11:08am

I wish they would stop cancelling my favorite shows! Especially when they are replaced with dumb it down ones. Why don't they understand that good dialog, plots and characters are very popular.
Michael J. B.
03/14/18 at 08:43pm

TV executives are morons. This is a show that gets good ratings and they're dumping it. I remember when an NBC programming director killed the new Bionic Woman that had decent growing ratings. Why did he do it? He replaced it with a reality show of which he was an executive producer. That meant he could get paid a lot more money every week. Maybe this is going to happen here. The TNT programming director will replace it with a show with which he has a personal financial interest.
03/10/18 at 07:24am

Aww, I can't believe TNT canceled The Librarians! I loved that show--good acting, great stories and special affects. Maybe it'll be brought back on another station like they did with Supergirl. Hey, a girl can hope, right? :)
02/09/18 at 06:40pm

Fortunately some people state opinions as facts. What *is* a fact is that often due to scheduling, some stations may choose, if the are able, to run two or more shows concurrently. Good for them, lucky for us.
The Librarians has always ended the show on a good note in case a network decides not to renew. Season 4 does look like a finale, but only a season finale. In reality it looks like a new beginning and a show like this could go anywhere in the cosmos and is only limited by imagination, the imagination of the writers. I expect it to return.

If showing two concurrent episodes is a death knell, then Dr Who would be cancelled two seasons ago when BBC released the entire Season in one week. Binging is a wave of the future. Perhaps we can expect to see more shows do this. My wife and I, were this to happen, like Syfy, would make us extremely Happy! Like this little blue flying pegasus/unicorn - Pegacorn makes us feel!
12/20/17 at 05:18pm

I'm afraid there won't be a season 5 the way TNT is burning off this seasons episodes two at a time! I will miss it when it's gone.
12/13/17 at 01:43am

Love the show. Would like the shows to take a more serious nature, seems to be a little to much slap stick commedy. However will coninue watching it is very enjoyable to see. MKL&ML
01/24/17 at 08:21pm

They got one right! Happy it was renewed!!!
mike dobey
01/24/17 at 05:29pm

Great show. This came before wharehouse 13. At least the movies did. I like the cast of this. This is a fun show and it's a good thing it's coming back.

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