The Librarians

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Dec 07, 2014 - Feb 07, 2018




Drama / Action




Eve - Rebecca RomijnJake - Christian KaneCassandra - Lindy BoothEzekiel - John KimJenkins - John Larroquette

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A drama that expands the universe of the movie franchise "The Librarian".

This adventure drama tells the story of an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library. Its members dedicate their lives to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around. This involves solving impossible mysteries, fighting supernatural threats, and recovering powerful artifacts.

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01/27/16 at 08:41am

It is like Warehouse 13 but its doesn't use the artifacts like in WH13. I like the show don't get me wrong but I feel like they could do alot more with it. Like the tv movies that came before the series, the tv movies were more in depth and it felt more Indiana Jones-ish because Flynn was the only person out a mission, doing it all. The tv series here feels more like WH13 where some magical problem is screwing up the world and the 4 sometimes 5 if Flynn is in the show comes to save the day
01/04/16 at 01:33am

I love the librarians especially to watch Christian Kane it has a good and exciting story line can't wait for the next season to start never get bored watching it.
mike dobey
12/19/15 at 10:40pm

this is a fun show. so I am glad it's been renewed. It's not a serious sci fi show , but the movies were very similar weren't they? so I don't get the complaints some have made about this show. IT's a good thing it's been renewed!.
11/01/15 at 05:31pm

This show is more like a comedy than a serious show but that is what makes it interesting. Most of the cast is really good, the only one seems unbelievable maybe he will get killed off. With all the crappie shows on the air this show is a cut above them so I will continue watching. MKL@ML
09/10/15 at 07:46pm

Last season was just bad. The fight scenes, as has been already noted, were sooo bad you just couldn't believe them. Most of the writing was just one cliché after another. No originality what so ever.
However, I especially enjoyed the movies and I'm so hoping this second season shows some improvement in the writing and directing. A second season usually means more money is coming in, and I'm hoping that will mean better production values.
No fault with the characters--they're doing the best they can with the script they've been given.
So, if there isn't improvement in this show over last season then I won't be a viewer for very long....
I love muffins
05/31/15 at 07:34pm

I like the lilbaryins but I think after s1 it calmed down a lot because there has been a lot of shows with magic and supernatural things lately and maybe it just was not heard as much as outher shows but I hope it comes back.
05/27/15 at 02:32am

I started watching this for Christian Kane. Does anyone else think it's a combo between Leverage and Warehouse 13? I don't know if it's the writing or the acting, but the stories aren't as engaging as either of the other ones. It's kinda weak and at times, I get bored at the climax of the episode. The fight scenes aren't realistic either. You can tell that the main female star barely pushes the villains, yet they go flying. And if I have to hear about that old man from the Serpent Brotherhood one more time, I WILL lose it. He's crappy!!
Alec Pentek
05/21/15 at 05:33am

The movies had great romantic leads and "adult" themes. Of course a TV show is somewhat limited as to its plots.
At the same time I love the TV shows characters and actors. And my wife and I are happy to see it is renewed.
04/22/15 at 05:45pm

This show does remind me very much of Warehouse 13. Warehouse 13 had a warehouse full of objects imbued with its users power. The Librarians has a library filled with magical objects. Both show's characters go out and search for objects either too powerful or too magical to be left out with the general populace. It also has characteristics of Haven, a show that deals with other dimensions. I just don't know if I like The Librarians yet.
01/31/15 at 07:36pm

Just watched the "Season Finale." Still and always fun to watch, but, the last scene felt like it was OVER. :o( OVER like a mini-series would be when it was fini. I'm kind of bummed - waiting for the inevitable - and hoping not.

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