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Mar 17, 2015 - Aug 01, 2019


The CW


Drama / Crime




Olivia - Rose McIverMajor Lilywhite - Robert BuckleyClive - Malcolm GoodwinBlaine - David AndersRavi - Rahul KohliPeyton - Aly Michalka

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A drama following a medical resident turned zombie who eats the brains of corpses and uses their memories to solve crimes.

Olivia Moore is an over-achieving medical resident who was bitten by a zombie during a party that unexpectedly became a feeding frenzy for the undead. Now part zombie herself, Olivia has taken a job at a coroner's office as part of a plan to resist her urges to devour human brains. Her new position will allow her to secretly consume the brains of fresh corpses without needing to kill people herself.

What Olivia doesn't expect is that with every brain she eats, a portion of its memories become part of her own. With this new ability to see visions from the point of view of the victims, Olivia starts to help solve the murders of the people she uses to stay alive.

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Frank R.
05/29/15 at 06:25pm

Great show. I love detective shows and murder mysteries. This puts a great twist to them. The actress they got to play Liv is a good choice.
05/15/15 at 05:32am

So when I first saw the previews of this show I thought it was going to be ridiculous and not worth the watch. But then I started to catch episodes (on hulu, I never have time to watch it on TV) and got to like it. Some of it bothers me. it more has to do with the whole romance side of this. Like there is no chemistry between the actors. So I mostly watched it for the type of visions she is bound to get. I think if it doesn't get better for the second season it will potentially get cancelled. Even without chemistry and rooting for just story line I am a way bigger fan of Lowell over Major. So what happens to Lowell kind of hurts.
Dave James
03/29/15 at 08:45am

Unfortunately I have made another error in my comment. I was trying to refer to the other Zombie Olivia met in her Lab. I can't remember his name or even if he has one, but it just seems to me e adds nothing to this show. However, once again, that's just my opinion.
03/25/15 at 03:47pm

Last nights episode (03-24-15) was a real snoozer. Not sure why Buckley's character is in there - he adds nothing to the show in my opinion. I hope they pick up the pace, otherwise I'll start looking for something else.
Sin City Superhero
03/25/15 at 07:33am

I watched the pilot, and loved it, so I'm gonna keep watching. I must be honest, I had heard very little about this show before it aired. I didn't even know it was a Rob Thomas joint until I saw the opening credits...I said "The Rob Thomas from Veronica Mars? Well THAT bodes well". This show seems to have the same "I'm an adult, and this shouldn't appeal to me, but it DOES" quality that Veronica Mars had.
With that said, the pilot had 2.29 viewers. I haven't seen the numbers from last night's episode (S1E2), but assuming the ratings are similar, is that OK? Anybody know what the CW is looking for (ratings-wise) out of this show? As long as the show stays on the course it's on, I'll watch the first season. But I hate getting invested in a show that's not going to be around next season.
03/22/15 at 10:33am

Omg, I luuv this crazy show! In spite of it's teeny-bopper storyline decided to watch it, and I'm so glad I did. The production values are top-notch, the show is campy, the gallows humor is quick & light-hearted, the cast works, as does the acting. You're right, Paul, this show just plain works.
As for what any show airs opposite, that's simply a non-factor, now days. This is the age of the DVR and recorded shows count. In addition to tracking shows watched in real time, Neilsen also tracks which shows are recorded, and the results are part of a show's ratings.
03/21/15 at 11:39am

Doesn't stand a chance...? You're forgetting that not everyone likes NCIS NO or Shield. I certainly do not. As for one commenter stating that this show has bad acting...based on what, someone elses comments. Give it a few weeks so the cast can meld. Not all shows get off to a perfect start. I Love Lucy bombed right out of the gate and so did Parks and Recreation. If after a few weeks you don't like it.....then watch something else.
03/21/15 at 07:54am

A fairly entertaining show that doesn't stand a chance. CW put it in an untenable slot, up against NCIS: New Orleans and Agents of Shield, which collectively have the cop show and sci-fi market covered. The problem is CW is trying to play with the big boys befor it grows up. They should re-air their shows in off hours when only competing with the tonight show.
03/20/15 at 07:47am

Based on the DC/Darkhorse comic...I have no issues with the premise, but I do take issue with the really, really bad acting and casting.
03/18/15 at 03:53pm

Hey Paul, I'm not Rosie.

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