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Mar 17, 2015 - Aug 01, 2019


The CW


Drama / Crime




Olivia - Rose McIverMajor Lilywhite - Robert BuckleyClive - Malcolm GoodwinBlaine - David AndersRavi - Rahul KohliPeyton - Aly Michalka

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A drama following a medical resident turned zombie who eats the brains of corpses and uses their memories to solve crimes.

Olivia Moore is an over-achieving medical resident who was bitten by a zombie during a party that unexpectedly became a feeding frenzy for the undead. Now part zombie herself, Olivia has taken a job at a coroner's office as part of a plan to resist her urges to devour human brains. Her new position will allow her to secretly consume the brains of fresh corpses without needing to kill people herself.

What Olivia doesn't expect is that with every brain she eats, a portion of its memories become part of her own. With this new ability to see visions from the point of view of the victims, Olivia starts to help solve the murders of the people she uses to stay alive.

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Paul E. Deuel
03/18/15 at 09:53am

Damn,this show is awesome!I know what demo it's aimed at but 50's right around the corner for me and I just loved it.Hey Rosie,this is not just another murder mystery,it just plain works.I can't get enough of Liv's wry humor and her acceptance of the situation,the writing is fresh and I really hope the show lasts
03/18/15 at 07:46am

Due to nearly everything being reruns last night, I decided to watch iZombie . I must admit that they did it right. Showing us more about her purpose than what she likes to eat. However, that being said, I'm not sure how long it can last, being another murder mystery show which we already have several of. Time will tell.
03/11/15 at 01:27pm

Omg.......the premise of this show is positively ghoulish. But who knows? That might be the reason it succeeds.
03/03/15 at 06:09pm

black stuff around the eyes, so women what to be ZOMBIES, nice. So its not to look like a raccoon...odd
PROS: eating brains
CONS: dead
Just Keith
02/22/15 at 12:59pm

Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Robots, Super-Computers have all run their course. Hollywood needs to get some fresh ideas.
01/31/15 at 04:20pm

I was born on Halloween and enjoy most Zombie movies/programs, however, the whole premise of this show just unsettles me to the point of not wanting to watch when it premieres.

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