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Mar 31, 2015 - Jun 10, 2021




Comedy / Drama




Liza - Sutton FosterKelsey - Hilary DuffMaggie - Debi MazarDiana - Miriam Shor

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A comedic drama based on the novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran.

Liza is a 40-year-old suddenly-single mother struggling to get back into the working world. Starting at the bottom at her age is a difficult task, but a chance encounter with a younger guy at a bar convinces Liza that she looks younger than her age. With the help of a makeover from her best friend, Liza uses her new found confidence to land a job as an assistant at a publishing firm, which could be the start of the career of her dreams.

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08/30/21 at 08:49pm

I was terribly disappointed in season 7. I agree the show had run its course but even with the pandemic it was pitiful. “Josh and Liza” should do a happily ever after special. After all he said indicated he’d always be there.
10/01/20 at 02:18pm

I didn't even know this show was being cancelled until I saw Nico Tortorella recently talk about his role on the show in the past tense. Now that there's one more season to be filmed and he is also on "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" I have to wonder if he will be on the last season of "Younger" as anything other than a guest star. In normal times an actor could juggle two roles like this but with the pandemic delay every show will be starting up again at the same time. Or maybe his character on "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" dies in the already filmed first season?

I also heard a spinoff based on the Hilary Duff character is in the works. I don't know if it would be worth watching, I mostly watched "Younger" for Sutton Foster.
07/20/20 at 06:32pm

Was not that great......kind of boring. =0/
09/20/19 at 10:02am

As far has Eliza passing for a twenty something woman, it's not that hard to believe. Sometimes she looks in her 20's and sometimes she looks older. I'm 45 and people think I'm in my 20's most of the time. I still get carded when I buy alcohol. There are days that I look in the mirror and see age creeping up on me, but 40 somethings don't tend to look "old" anyway. I think it's also part of an attitude. Sometimes I act 45 (or older!) and other times I'm immature and could pass for a 20 something. Regardless, I love this show.
08/08/18 at 10:41am

@ April Sunshine if you're comparing her to Hilary Duff who looks about 40 she will get away with it.
I had to check this out and thought she looked older than 40 there is so much lies told to women these days due to the PC crowd
06/21/17 at 06:37pm

I honestly stumbled across this show (I knew it existed, but didn't think anything of it) and I honestly have to say that I really love this show! To be honest, the cast is beautiful, it is actually FUNNY (it takes a lot to get me laughing). I am so glad they renewed it for a 5th season! and I hope that there are more seasons to come #youngertv #youngerrocks
01/08/17 at 09:21pm

Sure you do April, I guess the laws of physics cease to exist in your world.
April Sunshine
03/15/16 at 06:03am

@parish uh allot of 40 yr olds can pass BELIEVE me NO BODY thinks I'm my age and it's cause I take good care of my skin.
April Sunshine
03/15/16 at 06:01am

I love love LOVE this show! It's great!
06/17/15 at 06:57pm

Me & my wife both like the show. The only reason we stared to watch it was because of Hilary Duff. But now, as we watch the show have more of draw into it than just her. Just, how does Sutton (a 40 y/o) pass as a 26 year old? I mean really? There isn't enough make up to do that but, the show is good. Just hate waiting until 2016 to see more!

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