Better Things

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Sep 08, 2016 - Apr 25, 2022




Drama / Comedy




Sam - Pamela AdlonPhil - Celia ImrieMax - Mikey Madison

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A dramedy following a mother struggling to balance work and raising her three kids.

Sam Fox is a single, working actor trying to raise her three young daughters in Los Angeles. While trying to earn a living to support her family, Sam must also play the role of mom, dad and referee for her kids.

With private time by herself and with her friends already a rare commodity, Sam also has to watch out for her mother, who is an English expatriate living across the street.

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05/14/23 at 06:59am

I loved this show in the beginning, I’m about the same age as Pamela, but then it got to weird, annoying and stupid. It was time to end it.

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