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Jan 25, 2016 - Sep 10, 2021




Drama / Crime




Lucifer - Tom EllisMaze - Lesley-Ann BrandtChloe - Lauren GermanDan - Kevin AlejandroLinda - Rachael HarrisAmenadiel - D.B. Woodside

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A drama following the devil, who has abandoned his throne and retired to Los Angeles.

Lucifer Morningstar was The Lord of Hell until he grew so unhappy and bored with his life that he gave it up and retired to Los Angeles. There, he owns the Lux nightclub and indulges in a new lifestyle with women, wine, and song.

After a brutal murder outside his club awakens something deep within him, Lucifer begins working alongside a homicide detective to solve crime and dispense justice. His new outlook causes him to question whether there may be hope for his soul yet.

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10/15/22 at 05:43pm

Oh what did u do to Lucifer!! I was such a fan and u ruined it. No, u destroyed it. If u want to watch, stop after season 5. The only reason for season 6 is so u are not upset they canceled it.
06/16/22 at 11:54pm

I liked this show in the beginning, but OMG I got tired of it. I watch 2 min of the final season, and I just couldn't get started with it.

It just got too much of the same over and over again. Get a room you guys and get on with your life.

And the story... Is Lucifer really someone, we want in charge - it could be he change in the final season, but so far, I'm not buying it...
05/30/21 at 01:37am

The first two seasons of Lucifer were great but it has all been down hill since there. The cast continue to be good but it seems as though the writers ran out of original ideas from Season 3 onwards. We have had the obligatory black & white episode, the musical episode (!?!), the episodes focussing on the supporting characters which you end up just scrolling through, like so many other shows. There have been so many twists and turns in the “will they or won’t they” that I no longer care whether Lucifer and Chloe end up together or not. It’s a real shame as it started out as a really good idea and was entertaining but the writers ran out of original ideas somewhere along the way.
01/02/21 at 02:30pm

I am OBSESSED!! I love this show, tom ellis is perfection as Lucy. I especially like how they portray him as not evil, but a PUNISHER OF EVIL. That's his job. He is an angel. Great storylines. Lots of surprises. I love it
07/13/20 at 03:21am

The "Vampire Disries guy" was just a rumor. Ian Somerhalder is not replacing anybody. Tom Ellis confirmed he WILL be back!
06/16/20 at 04:43pm

I see that it is going to be a season 6 of Lucifer but Tom Ellis is not going to be in it anymore. They going to replace Tom Ellis with some Vampire Diaries guy. I think I am just going to watch season 5 and leave the show alone.
05/21/19 at 12:12pm

I had mixed feelings when Lucifer was cancelled after Season 3. Season 3 was not great. The first two seasons were fantastic. The character development, the story line was fresh, the acting was really good. Season 3 was lacking. I don't know if they hired a new writing team or changed directors or what, but it just didn't feel like the first two seasons. Now, Netflix has revived it. I was really excited to learn that. Then I started watching Season 4 on Netflix. All I can say is, they should have left it cancelled. At least they would have gone out on a semi high note instead of dragging the show into the jumbled up mess it has become. I am not kidding one bit when I say that I've seen HIGH SCHOOL PLAYS put on with better writing and better acting than Season 4 of Lucifer. They have turned Lucifer into a bumbling idiot, the Detective into a crying high school girl, Mazikeen is an angry, self absorbed, ready-to-cut EVERYONE'S THROAT TERRORIST and Amenadiel acts like a lost little boy who has no purpose even being on the show anymore. I won't be watching Season 5. It's not worth the time.
05/14/19 at 11:05am

Binged the1st three again+ Season 4; cannot wait for Season Five! Renewed faith in Netflix
05/09/19 at 10:26am

Lucifer’s Back!!!!!!!! Thank you Netflix!!!!
05/08/19 at 02:38pm

Just get vuse , then search on net for rarbg and then get Lucifer season 4 no Netflix needed @kathy. ..

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