Second Chance

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Jan 13, 2016 - Mar 25, 2016




Drama / Action




Jimmy - Rob KazinskyOtto - Adhir KalyanMary - Dilshad VadsariaDuval - Tim DeKayGracie - Ciara BravoAlexa - Vanessa Lengies

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A drama following a man brought back to life by a scientist trying to save his own life.

75-year-old Jimmy Pritchard is a drunk who was forced to resign as L.A. County Sheriff 15 years ago due to corrupt conduct. After he is killed while stumbling across a robbery, billionaire tech-genius twins Mary and Otto Goodwin bring him back to life.

Resurrected as a younger, stronger version of himself, a re-animated Jimmy now has another chance at life. The question is: will he embrace his second chance with a new sense of purpose or fall back into his old ways?

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05/03/16 at 11:42am

I like this Show I hope there is a Second Season!
04/30/16 at 09:50am

Renew Second Chance. 'nuff said. Just do it. Thank you for your kind compliance with my request.
04/29/16 at 07:56am

The last episode sounded like a finale. I stayed with the show waiting for Otto's demise, a totally ridiculous character. The whole twin thing is so contrived, they could have had a show of just two crime fighting guys and it wouldn't change a thing. To center around a man brought back from death after a career of corruption, the stories should have been more profound but as it was, it lacked depth and no more than a muscle guy and his frivolous ways. The ratings, lowest for a new show I've seen, indicated the majority of viewers choosing otters shows in the same time slot. With this show going away hopefully, there will be room for better and more deserving new shows.
04/18/16 at 11:34pm

Please bring Second Chance back! It has a great storyline, interesting characters and it's imaginative. In a world of over-hashed same-old, same-old and sequels, Second Chance is a breath of fresh air.
04/17/16 at 04:14am

I love this show, the first time in 20 years a show this good has been put on TV.. Story line fascinating, and so are the actors.. Please put this show back on, looking forward to it...
04/15/16 at 06:02pm

Please don't cancel second chance , great show looking forward to next season !!!!!!
Tom A.
04/12/16 at 09:10pm

PLEASE!!!!! Do not cancel this very interesting and suspenseful show. I Love the story line and the characters have good chemistry on screen. I have to go through this every year or so with great TV and Fox would be the big Loser for letting this one go.I wish they would think this over and realize that this show has hit potential, just make the right adjustments and give this great show.......A Second Chance!!!!!!
04/11/16 at 09:45pm

Season 2 goes like this: Mary reunites with her cousin, Suresh, the third cofounder of LookingGlass who left because of conflicts with Otto. Suresh saves LookingGlass from collapse and eventually Mary introduces Jimmy to him. Later, Mary confides in the details about Jimmy to Suresh and persuades him to help Jimmy and transform the life-giving technology into a humanitarian life-saving use. First, Suresh cures Jimmy of his growing violent tendicies as he was evolving into The Hulk. (NO HULK.). Jimmy is stabilized and returns to a more public life as by now the FBI will not threaten to punish Duval (or Jimmy) because the FBI was complicit in the cover-up.
The billionaire boyfriend CEO's business estate is left to his mother but is then given to the other son/brother, Leon, to run. Leon is also evil and he turns the company into a manufacturer of human-like robots for personal use. His real goal is to spread robots that have a Trojan horse back-door built in so that Leon can use robots for sleeper espionage, and virtually any crime he chooses.
The series remains an old-fashioned good versus evil adventure with modern high-powered adversaries.
Your'e welcome.
04/11/16 at 04:47pm

don't cancel. One of the best shows on TV. All my friends I've told about the show love it too. Great find!
The General
04/11/16 at 08:22am

Show was only slated for 11 episodes. Now waiting to see if it gets picked up for a second season.

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