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Nov 02, 2017 - Present




Drama / Crime


Hondo - Shemar MooreJessica - Stephanie SigmanJim - Alex RussellDeacon - Jay HarringtonChristina - Lina EscoDominique - Kenny JohnsonMumford - Peter Onorati

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A drama following a special weapons and tactics team in Los Angeles.

Former Marine Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson is a locally-born sergeant who was recently tasked with running a specialized tactical unit that acts as the last stop in law enforcement in Los Angeles. Raised on the streets, he is torn between his loyalty to his roots and his allegiance to his new brothers in blue as he works to bridge the divide between his two worlds.

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07/10/22 at 04:26pm

We pay for these shows. If we want to whinge, we will whinge. It's not a fact of just not watching it. We all want to get our moneys worth. We all work our a$$es of for our money. It's our right to whinge
05/24/22 at 11:52am

There is a simple solution for all the whining and complaining commenters: Don't like it? Don't watch it!!
Mike C.
05/23/22 at 09:32am

The final show of the season did a fair job of making up for it's un-constitutional left wing bias. Pointed out what a scumbag Joe Biden truly is, by pointing out the damage his stupid Afghanistan policies have done. And, not just his stupid pullout. But including the Biden State Department's unwillingness to fullfil our promises to people who helped us!!
02/13/22 at 10:40pm

Political Propaganda = LOSER
09/29/21 at 12:28pm

dropped this 1st ep of last season way to woke for me
05/30/21 at 11:14am

I think the show is still a good show. The show is only staying current .
05/17/21 at 02:36pm

Im at episode 15 in season 14 now, and I completely agree with Sandra and Jws. Im done with this and a bunch of other shows that’s gone down this path.
01/29/21 at 08:03pm

I'M DONE! I totally agree Sandra.
I used to LOVE this show Hondo and the hole crew! But this season they are spoiling it with a lot of political propaganda. Just deleted season four episode eight and all future recordings. Only white racists wear the American flag etc. etc.? I don't need Hollywood to preach to me. You are dead on - they are creating division (us vs. them) and will lead to an increase in racism.
11/30/20 at 02:36pm

I used to like this show but this season they are spoiling it with a lot of political propaganda. I am giving it a few more episodes but if this continues, I am done watching it. Went from a 5 to a 3, just based on what it used to be. But If this continues, it will not justify anymore than a 1 for me and will no longer be watching it. Don't need anyone to preach to us. We are not stupid. The sad thing is that this type of show is divisive (us vs. them) and will lead to an increase of racism.
08/22/20 at 05:56pm

Opening music needs more Waa Waa pedal.

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