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Nov 02, 2017 - Present




Drama / Crime


Hondo - Shemar MooreJessica - Stephanie SigmanJim - Alex RussellDeacon - Jay HarringtonChristina - Lina EscoDominique - Kenny JohnsonMumford - Peter Onorati

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A drama following a special weapons and tactics team in Los Angeles.

Former Marine Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson is a locally-born sergeant who was recently tasked with running a specialized tactical unit that acts as the last stop in law enforcement in Los Angeles. Raised on the streets, he is torn between his loyalty to his roots and his allegiance to his new brothers in blue as he works to bridge the divide between his two worlds.

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Carla L Robinson
10/15/19 at 09:04am

The show was good but I stopped watching it last year due to all the politically correct and pushing a liberal agenda through a TV show started.
05/27/18 at 06:05pm

I’m surprised by the negative comments if this very good show.

Obviously the ratings say it is good as well since it was renewed.

Maybe this isn’t the most technical,t correct show and maybe there are too many black vs white and other political agenda type things in there but the show has:

Good acting - All these guys have their own personality and although they come across a bit animated they are all unique. Kudos.

Heart - The characters all have interesting backstory.

Shemar is great at his role.

The episodes are mostly interesting and it’s good to see a positive ending on most without it being over sappy.

I hope this keeps going. Great show.
Yale H. Crandall
04/19/18 at 11:53pm

I like the show and I will continue to watch if the story remains honest. Tonight's episode was flagrantly incorrect. To night CBS aired "Patrol." It showed a perpetrator using a bump stock to kill people. 1. It was incorrectly shown to just slip on the bump stock. You have to take off the pistol grip to make it work. 2. The perpetrator was shown firing multiple rounds using just one hand to fire his rifle. A bump stock requires 2 hands to operate it. 3. It was incorrectly referred to as a machine gun. A bump stock does not turn any firearm into a machine gun or a submachine gun. As far as I know, a bump stock was only used once in a crime, on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The writers of tonight's episode really reached low for this part of "Patrol." If CBS continues to air misleading information, I will stop watching S.W.A.T.
03/28/18 at 02:06am

More and more, this mediocre show is becoming a political tool. The plot lines are increasingly unbelievable, and the blatant political bias makes them even worse. The acing isn't anything to write hoe about, either. The main character is a cop who thinks rules don't apply to him, with a GF boss who is the same way. The writers seem to have no clue whatsoever how a real SWAT team works. Utter garbage. Done with this one. Moore should have stayed on Criminal Minds, but good riddance, at his stage. Nice way to destroy his career.
Laura Fox
03/03/18 at 09:08am

I live in an area where an illegal raped an old woman in her 90's to death, and several drunk driving and killing people. This week's episode made American citizens the "bad" guys. I will no longer watch the show.
02/01/18 at 09:26pm

I wanted to see what the show was (really) about...

When watching... THERE IT IS!!! Politically Correct CRAP!
Prominently Coupled with: Estrogen-Douche-(bi)homosexual-female! SH@T!!!

I'll watch for the action, but when they have seen as I described up top, I just turn it to something else for short time, then see
if the PC-Crap is done. Or the Chicken-Head scenes are
flow down the toilet. (so to speak)

Now days in the 21st century the so-called "creative" MEN...

Every show TV Or at the movie --- and most of the are created shows are MEN ---What I exclaimed up top, that's what I think about them.

There's a movie coming out called "Black Panther". CHICK!
No King! ---Wellll, maybe he die in a war, and like England, that all everybody know is: "the queen-mom".

---I'm out of here! Later mayn!
the doctor
01/23/18 at 07:16am

It is just fiction get a life.
01/14/18 at 12:26pm

S.W.A.T is good.
Shemar Moore is an intense actor.
These guys giving it bad ratings for inaccuracies are just uptight pieces of crap.
01/07/18 at 11:24am

Your show is stupid completely inaccurate and Corrections do not call on SWAT we have our own team to take care of things. Playing to the idiots possibly the people who voted for Trump.
12/03/17 at 04:18pm

The show just isn't good
It's just too boring

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