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Oct 16, 2018 - Present




Drama / Crime


John - Nathan FillionAngela - Alyssa DiazWade - Richard T. JonesJackson - Titus MakinZoe - Mercedes MasonLucy - Melissa O'NeilTalia - Afton WilliamsonTim - Eric Winter

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A drama following a middle aged man who pursues his dream of becoming an LAPD officer.

John Nolan is a middle aged man from a small town. After a life-changing incident, he decides to pursue his dream of being an officer for the Los Angeles Police Department.

But as the force's oldest rookie, he faces skepticism from some senior officers who simply see him as a walking midlife crisis. John will need to keep up with not only the criminals, but the younger cops in the precinct.

If he can make use of his own life experiences while remaining determined, he just might become a success in this new chapter of his life.

Comments (45)

Ernie Widenhoefer
07/30/19 at 09:30pm

This is the last show I watch on ABC they keep canceling new shows.
Paulette Lamarca
07/01/19 at 10:31am

Love this show. My husband was a police officer , and thinks this show is brilliant!!!
michael merritt
06/16/19 at 07:28am

I'm about to retire after decades on the job and this is such a highlight of our week....I tease my wife how a lot is "a stretch" to say the least, but it's not a documentary, it's a stellar cast providing some exceptional entertainment week after please give this show a chance and giving Nathan another long standing hit....he's great to watch and perfect for this role....
05/18/19 at 01:53pm

Great decision on renewing! Great show!!
05/17/19 at 06:29pm

Love this show. So many shows we like have been canceled recently I really hope this one makes it
Rosemarie Clark
05/14/19 at 03:24pm

We absolutely love this show, hope it won't be canceled.
05/13/19 at 04:36pm

We have loved this show from the beginning. Nathan Fillion is a accomplished actor who gives expression and nuance to the character. We see a gentle but steadfast character who Fillion portrays with humor and sensitivity. The other cast members create a fun and current drama. Thank you for renewing.
Michael Udall
05/09/19 at 05:24pm

Love this show, myself and my wife Norma. Fillian and cast are doing a fantastic job of believing.
05/07/19 at 06:40pm

I love this show... I really hope it gets renewed...
05/06/19 at 04:10pm

Yes! Great Show. Fillion does his usual great job, and a great cast with several very good actors, and it has a lot of good story lines. Keep it a few years.

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