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Oct 16, 2018 - Present




Drama / Crime


John - Nathan FillionAngela - Alyssa DiazWade - Richard T. JonesJackson - Titus MakinZoe - Mercedes MasonLucy - Melissa O'NeilTalia - Afton WilliamsonTim - Eric Winter

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A drama following a middle aged man who pursues his dream of becoming an LAPD officer.

John Nolan is a middle aged man from a small town. After a life-changing incident, he decides to pursue his dream of being an officer for the Los Angeles Police Department.

But as the force's oldest rookie, he faces skepticism from some senior officers who simply see him as a walking midlife crisis. John will need to keep up with not only the criminals, but the younger cops in the precinct.

If he can make use of his own life experiences while remaining determined, he just might become a success in this new chapter of his life.

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Black Ops
05/11/21 at 01:24pm

Officer Nolan said he did not want to be a T.O. (training officer), he said he's GOING to be a T.O. It'll be interesting to see how things go once they pass the torch. Another matter: I'm glad Hollywood Division found out about that dirty cop after his own body-cam video
was used to expose him to all present at roll call. Good move!
05/09/21 at 08:32am

My wife and I have watched this show since it started. It was one of our favorites. But the wokeness has gotten too much to take. We are tired of getting a sermon every time we watch it. We don’t work all day just to get a woke lecture from a TV show produced by people that live in the bubble of Hollywood. The last episode we watched about the “patriots for purity” and the “southern front” supposed white supremacy groups was the last straw. Instead of using real-life hate groups such as Antifa and BLM, the producers chose to make up two fake white supremacy groups, as if these are the people rioting, looting and burning down America’s cities. This show used to have a good premise about a middle-ages rookie cop but now it’s just a tool to try to re-educate the viewers to see things the way the racist liberals in Hollywood see things. Enough is enough. We’re out.
03/28/21 at 08:09pm

Love the show Looking forward to seeing it's return hopefully in the Fall or early next year hopefully fir season 4 and beyond
05/26/20 at 05:18pm

Glad to see this renewed for Season 3 Looking forward to seeing it's return hopefully in the Fall or early next year
05/20/20 at 05:50pm

OMG, without getting a renewal confirmation for next season, they left one truly crappy cliffhanger! Way to trash a good character!
TO Have To Stay MUM From Private Badge
03/14/20 at 11:55am

Hollywood forces this crap on us because like all off-the-wall liberals, they think that by doing so it will help us to "get past our bigotry" and learn to accept. Yeah. right. That crap works in Hollywood TV plots and movies, because they have script writers who make up this crap and apply emotion to. Add alot of emotion-charged music and they think they hit paydirt.
02/10/20 at 11:45pm

I have nothing wrong with gay people on TV. But the character they cast actively talked about his current girlfriend in the first episode. The writers decided to make his character gay and it doesn't fit in my opinion. ABC does that a lot. I wonder why...
Have To Stay Mum
12/22/19 at 08:44pm

Agree with "Private Badge" on tired of Hollywood bullying us with their agenda. Tired of having to sit with the remote in hand to FFwd past their awkwardly forced displays. It's hateful. It's disrespectful. It's totally unnecessary. It doesn't help people to "accept" when it's habitually forced show after show after show. Back off and calm down, ya big Hollywood bullies!

It's interesting how Hollywood/networks forced totally nude scenes, back in the 80s/90s, but "covered" them with blocking the privates. Didn't need to see Sipowitz' bare butt. Didn't need to see that the actors were actually completely naked. After enough complaining, enraged complaining, that crap stopped. How enraged do we have to be to get this "new" bullying agenda stopped?
Private Badge
12/03/19 at 11:12am

I'm getting sick of tired of Hollywood "gaying up" it's shows with supposedly gay characters. If another character male or female kisses another of the same sex again on this show, I'm done.
Ernie Widenhoefer
07/30/19 at 09:30pm

This is the last show I watch on ABC they keep canceling new shows.

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