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Jun 20, 2018 - Present




John - Kevin CostnerJamie - Wes BentleyKayce - Luke GrimesBeth - Kelly ReillyRip - Cole HauserLee - Dave AnnableDan - Danny Huston

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A drama following the violent world of a family that owns the largest ranch in the United States.

The Dutton family are owners of a ranch in Montana that is the largest contiguous ranch in America. Led by patriarch John, the Duttons constantly contend with attacks from land developers, conflicts with the country's first national park, and tense encounters with a neighboring Indian reservation. But through it all, they relentlessly fight to keep their land in the family.

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06/16/23 at 01:57pm

Google is reporting that season 5 will be the last season. THE JUST RELEASED SEASON 5 ON PARAMONT!!!
Sean P
02/17/23 at 02:46pm

Is this canceled or not? I sure hope not
12/31/22 at 04:32pm

Late on starting to watch but glad I finally found something new to fill in my place of Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy.
12/11/22 at 12:26pm

Need to change how Beth plays her part it is so bad.makes woman look like a joke.just a woman option.
12/05/22 at 06:42pm

You've got to be kidding me. I've watched 3 episodes and the youngest son kills somebody in each one. He even leaves his kid in a drain with a rattlesnake to kill some more strangers. How ridiculous. I am stupefied by the high ratings this shlock gets. What a joke.
Oliver McGuire
06/09/22 at 12:59pm

Beth Dutton is by far, the worst character on the show and likely on any media platform. The show itself is brilliant with amazing acting and story. However, every episode and I mean every episode I pray Beth is killed off. The only flaw in that is I fear the show would dwell on the fact giving her more attention than deserved.

Before anyone makes the claim of sexism or the glass ceiling, be aware it is not gender pointed. There are many extraordinary female characters and I could even go as far as saying more screen time would be warmly welcomed. As for Beth, the character shows no heart, soul or remorse. Any character swing to become better would be far fetched and pull you out of the story feeling real. Her attitude even toward the "boy" is cruel and evil which is ironic because the show points out he is a younger Rip several times.

Speaking of Rip, their relationship doesn't make any sense at all. He is tough and scared, but around her he is a submissive doormat. If the character was true to the writing, he would not tolerate it and the relationship makes the character design deeply flawed. She truly is the wrench that throws the entire dynamic and show off. Every character scene with her changes the pure design and fundamental nature of the other characters in the scene.

As someone in the industry and a former showrunner, I honestly have to wonder what the writing team is thinking or striving to achieve. Women can be strong, intelligent, no nonsense and clever without hating them or being evil. But, with this character you are starting a horrible stereotype that you must be pure evil to do so.
03/27/22 at 03:49am

Beth Dutton is the without doubt my favourite character on television.
Pat Mac
08/25/20 at 07:04pm

Just finished season 3 love this show!
08/18/20 at 12:08pm

Best show on TV....hands down !! Whole family is hooked. We look forward to this each week. They don't make shows like this much anymore. Great job Paramount Network !!
jim beam
08/06/20 at 11:58am

outstanding, the music, the landscapes, ye haw cowboys being cowboys, costner pulls this off, this is a cant wait show for me every week.

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