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A dating series where singles look for love in an island paradise.

Based on the British smash hit, this dating series brings a group of singles together in a picturesque villa to look for love.

During their summer of romance, the islanders pair up every few days, leaving those who are not coupled up at risk of being sent home. There are also new islander arrivals and drama-filled twists as friendships and relationships form.

Viewers participate as well, with the ability to shape events that occur on the island. Eventually one lucky couple is crowned the winner with the chance to take home a cash prize - and possibly love.

Comments (7)

08/24/20 at 05:48am

STD playground. Pass.
Steve S.
08/24/20 at 00:21am

Sounds like it could be called “musical pairs”. Fairly sick but maybe it’s not the total gross out that “naked musical pairs” would be where they’d have to be extra careful where they sit.
Dianne Cain
08/17/19 at 08:50pm

2nd season RENEWED????? Why???? what a crap show.
Regina Phalange
07/31/19 at 10:14am

How many times can these people use the wot”like” in one conversation? #annoying #learnsomegrammer
07/20/19 at 06:43pm

I hate reality shows but somehow I'm addicted to this one.
Just Keith
07/09/19 at 05:39pm

Do they keep score by how many different people they get it on with?
06/17/19 at 08:56am

I’ve been watching Love Island (UK) and I love it and I’m from California. I love Brit accents. Cannot get enough. I’m not sure how it will do here since they already did a similar show called Paradise Hotel and it didn’t do so well that it only had 7 episodes.

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