Prodigal Son

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Sep 23, 2019 - May 18, 2021




Drama / Crime




Malcolm - Tom PayneMartin - Michael SheenJessica - Bellamy YoungGil - Lou Diamond PhillipsDani - Aurora PerrineauJT - Frank HartsAinsley - Halston SageEdrisa - Keiko Agena

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A crime drama following a criminal psychologist who assists the police in stopping killers.

Malcolm Bright is a criminal psychologist with a special gift. He knows how the minds of killers work. This is because in the 1990s, his dad was a notorious serial killer known as "The Surgeon."

He uses his ability to help the NYPD solve crimes and stop killers, all while dealing with his manipulative mother and homicidal father who is still looking to bond with his prodigal son.

Comments (43)

02/22/22 at 05:55pm

This show was great and had tons of potential. All the good shows get canceled and all the fluff people only use as background noise goes on for seasons. Hopefully Netflix rescues this, they seem to actually have vision.
02/16/22 at 00:27am

Are you kidding me!!!WTF FOX YOU GUYS ALWAYS DO THIS!!
I’ve been waiting for this show to start its new season and now I find out it’s been canceled.
I’ve spent so much time invested into the characters and story line. You suck. I’m not watching FOX anymore.
Laura B
06/05/21 at 07:09pm

PLEASE PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW. All the great shows get cancelled !!!!!! My God for once spend the money and bring it back!!!!!
Fox cancels all the good shows!
amaury linares
05/30/21 at 09:10pm

this is the reason i dont get invested in fox shows, they always do this
05/27/21 at 12:28pm

I agree with all the above comments. Great show... maybe Netflix with pick it up or Amazon Prime. SOMEBODY PICK IT UP.
sunshine girl
05/25/21 at 04:22pm

I have it on good authority that another platform will take up Season 3. The first story arc will involve Malcom's pet parakeet and follow a Hitchcock formula.

If my source is wrong, I put all that work into my PARANORMAL PARAKEET script for nothing.
Clinton Davis
05/21/21 at 10:15pm

wow that was there best show on there rite now damn clown ass buster always dicking goos show off
05/19/21 at 09:37pm

Absolutely crazy this was cancelled. Definitely my favorite show on the fox lineup. Can only assume its corporate greed related nonsense, because there wasn't anything I could see wrong with the show. What a shame!
05/18/21 at 08:45pm

Call Halston Sage go back on "The Orville" now? She broke a lot of nerds hearts when she left.
05/18/21 at 06:58am

I recorded the show and watch it later. It is a great show. Why don't
cancelled. Family Guy--Bob Burgers.

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